How to Start Any Business From Home

Your goal, as a business owner is to provide service and quality products. And, of course, you’re in business to make money and support yourself and your family. Whether you are a hair dresser or toy maker, you are also in business to provide something that paying customers want.

Not all of your clients like to read on the computer. So you must offer them your product in something besides a monitor-reading style, such as an audio CD or a hand-held book. When you know how your customers think and feel, you’ll make it easy for them to buy what you’re selling.

Here are your best psychological tips to match your business to your paying clients:

• Auditory - they prefer verbal or out loud instructions and info, such as a radio program. Listening is their keyword.
• Visual - they want their information delivered in a way that allows them to see, read or visualize. Think meditation for goal achievement, an EBOOK or a video of step-by-step instructions.
• Kinesthetics - moving, writing & touching is their methodology. To be physically involved in the process is what sells these movers and shakers. Offer a work book.

• They prefer to see the big picture first, then give them the details. For example - Mary’s Hair Cutting Service explains that she will make you look beautiful. She’ll do this by cutting your hair to match your bone structure and coloring your hair to make you look more youthful. After you “see” the bigger picture, then she cuts your hair. Give them the big picture, then details.
• Some buyers prefer just the opposite. They want to look at computer graphics of their face with a variety of hairstyles and colors. Once satisfied, Mary is free to perform her miracles. Little picture, then big results.

• Some want to learn alone. Sell them an EBOOK and they’ll learn from home at their own pace.
• Others are more interpersonal and are energized by working in groups. They sign up quickly for coaching classes.

When you know and implement the various personality styles into your salesmanship, your business will be ahead of the curve with its competition. You’re in business to help others and to make money doing it. Learn to make use of every insider tool you can find and never stop learning. Here’s to your business success!

Author's Bio: 

Business author, Kathi Calahan’s background includes certification as a Behavioral Therapist and Spiritual Career Coach. She is known as “The Idea Queen & Go-To Person” for solutions on how to start your own home based business and runs two businesses of her own. Using the principles of spirituality, she helps entrepreneurs find the work best suited to their personality and Soul’s desire. She is CEO to two companies; Godseer, which teaches the art of Discovering Your Life's Work, using spiritual tools and opening a business from home based on these gifts, and American Love Psychic, which is based in the intuitive arts. Her background includes teaching at two different California community colleges, syndicated author, a former Chamber of Commerce business representative and for many years has developed her spiritual side by working as an intuitive. She is the executive producer and host of the ongoing and online radio talk show, “Prescott Radio - Discovering Your Life’s Work,” which airs every Tuesday night on BlogTalkRadio. Her website and free monthly newsletter are found at © 2009