Speed reading is the subject everybody heard about. Speed reading is not a miracle; this is a necessary habit nowadays for everyone. Why the most of us cannot read at high speed? The reason is evident; the most of people have wrong reading habits.

Let’s look at simplified model of reading.

The text information passes some stages of processing.
1.The visual analyzer gains the information from the page. Reader gets a part of text, that is analyzed by visual analyzer channel.

2.The gained part is delivered to oral analyzer.

3.The result of oral analyzer’s processing is passed to meaning analyzer.

4.The meaning analyzer sends the signal to make a back-skipping (to repeat the reading of this part of text) or to get the next part of text.

How you can increase reading speed according to the model described above? It is really simple.

The articulation (or hidden pronunciation) is the most harmful habit of reading because the oral analyzer is the slowest stage in processing. Russian scientists proved that the speed limit of oral analyzer is about 150 words (900 characters) per minute. It is possible to remove this limitation by excluding the oral analyzer from the processing. There are some exercises that will help you to do it. As a result your reading speed can be increased up to 1500 words (10000 characters) per minute. This is the limit of reading speed the reader can to adopt the full meaning of text. The speed above this limit should be concerned as a scanning, not the reading. (But it is possible that there are some exceptions to the rule)
Another obstacle is the narrow field of sight (about 10 characters for most readers). This value can be increased up to 25-30 characters for 5-6 lessons. Therefore the reading speed can grow up to 3 times without any complex exercises.

The next point is that learning speed reading techniques should be ”natural”. Any gadget (like tachistoscope etc.) cannot give to reader the needed habits. A reader can study speed reading with this gadget, not with the real book. (Evelyn Wood proved this assertion). Therefore you have to choose the course that will give you the right habits. You should study the reading technique that will give you the ability to read books without any gadgets.
We offer you to try our product Best Reader 6.0, that will teach you “real” or “natural” speed reading techniques.

You will suppress the articulation and increase field of sight. You can try Best Reader for free, and if you like it, you should register it for a small fee. Trial version is available on our site http://readerssoft.com/
The full version costs only $22. The course will take from 10 to 15 days. You will acquire the basic habits for this term. Your reading speed will grow up to 10 times. You will be able to read much more for the same time. You will improve your educational abilities and career opportunities. This is the reason to try!
Good luck, friends!

BBAD Inc.,
Best Reader development team.

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