Don't bother looking it up in the dictionary.
You won't find it there.

It's a Kenism.

One of those unique and spontaneous terms conjured up from the depths of my Creative Soul.

What does it mean? Well, it's far beyond "more better"
and a big step above "most bestest".

In other words, it's at the pinnacle of your Highest and Best Self.

It doesn't get any better than awesomonious!

Now here's the $50 million dollar "just how great is your life going to be in 2008" question:
What are you doing and going to do to create your MOST awesomonious life?

Let me give you a clue: Vision is at the foundation.

Vision gives your life a target to aim for. And that target represents everything you want to do, be and have in your life. In other words, it is all that is possible.

You see, when you live according to what is possible, you will achieve your highest greatness, and likewise, you will have the highest possible positive impact on humankind.

This is why you need to have a really HUGE vision.

The vision process can be tricky, however, in that the "inner critic" may try to convince you that you can't do these things, or that you are not deserving of all this greatness.

"Inner critic"? Yes. That little voice inside your head that tries to convince that you can't do "that"
or that you're not worthy or that people will laugh at you or that people will leave you if you do "that".

That inner critic.

A simple response to the inner critic:
"Thank you for sharing."

That's it. No more and no less.
Say "thank you for sharing"
and then move on and continue on.

This is how you grow, strengthen and
develop your perseverance and tenacity muscles.

Now, back to vision. In Marry YourSelf First (Don't have your copy yet?
Go to NOW!!)
I shared three specific exercises with you to create a powerful vision for your life.

The first exercise is responding to the "miracle question".

Here's the miracle question:
If a miracle occurred tonight while you were sleeping and tomorrow you awoke and your life had everything you wanted to do, be and have in it, what would it look like, sound like, feel like, and smell like?

Just start writing, going through all the different parts of your life: social, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, familial, vocational, and recreational.

Don't stop writing until you have exhausted every possible possibility.

And remember: In the world of vision,
everything is possible!

The second exercise is similar, but works better if you are more of a "list person".

Make a list of at least 100 things you would do, be and have if you were given 100 billion dollars to spend on this project. In other words, there would be virtually no financial limitations.

Start writing and don't stop until you have at least 100 items.

The third exercise, and my personal favorite, is to create a vision map. Get a bunch of magazines and photographs, and pick out scenes, words/phrases, and symbolisms that you feel drawn to.

Do not analyze or interpret why you are drawn to them, but rather, trust your intuition and your instincts to guide you.

Glue what you have cut out onto a piece of poster board or mat board. Add in other creative pieces like glitter, a frame, and drawings/words from paint markers/paint that you feel drawn to make this feel more complete.

Now, hang your vision map in your personal living space
where you will be exposed to it daily and let it do it's magic.
Read the other two exercises every day in the first person
from the "I" and the "me") and from present tense, meaning,
as if it is all happening right now.

Be prepared for an onslaught of prosperous and abundant opportunities to come your way as you begin to allow your vision to pull you into your next level of greatness for yourself and all of humankind!


Create your vision statement today and
begin your vision map.

Surround yourself with your greatness and the most expansive possibility for your Life!!

And then what do you do?

You MUST then attend THE event of 2008:
The Say "I Do" To You Experience

This event is the "Mac Daddy" of ALL events.

Clear your calendar.

Make your airline reservations.

And book your hotel NOW.

It's only going to happen once and
you MUST be there.

It WILL change your life forever!

I promise!

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