Blogging is one of the best ways for increasing traffic to your company’s website. It enhances interaction between you and your existing or potential clients, giving them the opportunity to speak openly about your product or service. Here are some tips to assure your blog doesn’t become one of the millions spewing useless information no one reads, a disorder referred to here as the “Blogging Blahs”.

1. When considering choosing a name for your blog, make sure it’s something for which you can reserve the URL. Make is snappy, short and memorable for potential visitors.

2. Provide a link on your website to your blog and vice-versa. Also, on your blog page, include a link to your products or services page so visitors can directly access what you have to offer.

3. Pick one knowledgeable individual in your company and assign them the title of top blogger. Putting one person in charge of this task avoids confusion later on, plus readers begin to form a personal relationship with the blogger.

4. If you are the ordained top blogger, your posts should include engaging, provoking questions for readers. State your opinion and ask viewers to comment. Or, consider listing current happenings in your industry and solicit reader response. If discussing a particular happening, place a hyperlink to information or stories regarding the topic.

5. Remember, blogs are about two-way communication. They are source of information, industry expertise, and a way for you to perform free market research. If you are thinking about introducing a new product or service, put the idea on your blog and see what happens.

6. Start building up your blogging persona by linking to other related blogs in your field. Make sure you check with the blogger before linking and ask for a return link. This link building will increase traffic to your blog and website.

Creating a blog is easier than you may think. Services such as Google’s Blogger offer users a free and easy publishing tool. It also allows users to post video and photos which will draw an even larger crowd. Visit Google’s site at for more information and details. If you are still struggling with getting your blog started or what to put on it, there are plenty of professionals trained in this field. Professional web development companies, advertising, or copywriting firms can help.

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