Alienating your friends and partners directly or indirectly can ruin your friendships and career opportunities in the future. Here are five principles to think about utilizing to decrease your chances of self-inflicting alienation.

1. Do not withhold favors or being helpful when possible, a giver of good deeds is much better received than a taker.

2. When deserving support or advancement be sure to honor your friends and partners, sharing credit on co-operative projects and actions.

3. Do not take what is not yours or fail to return what you borrowed.

4. Never delay payment to or promotion of others it shows a disrespect of their service and time. If you can’t take care of things do not ignore them and pretend they don’t exist - this is a failure to live in reality.

5. Always right any wrong immediately. Take inventory quietly at the end of your day and make sure you were respectful and kind to all you encountered. If you were not make ammends where possible.

As the new year takes off resolve as many resentments and wrongs as you can. There are always some wrongs that are difficult to make right but trying and retrying to fix as much as possible will be honored with open doors and opportunities in the future.

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Since 1987 Shellee Hale has been consulting with corporations, individuals and attorney's regarding their personal and professional goals helping to implement strategies and action plans that work. As one of the pioneers of (ITIL) Information technology infrastructure library consulting for businesses Shellee Hale learned a great deal about the importance of every individual’s personal well being and the direct ties it has to the success on a team. Using similar strategies as a Private Investigator, Life Coach, Counselor and Litigation Consultant Shellee Hale uses a combination of skills and resources to pull together that winning case. I share some of my personal opinions, thoughts and experiences on my blog at hoping to encourage cooperative work ethic, positive growth and swifter goal achieving on any project.