The key to having a popular swimming pool is how you can maintenance its cleanliness. The market has plenty of products that can keep a private pool sparkling and ever ready for a dive or plunge or just soaking anytime. There are as many pool cleaners available as the pools themselves. Each brand has its own special aspect for which it is used. They also come with warranty, as in any other product. A good automatic pool cleaner can cost you as much as USD 799 and lowest around USD 150. Some suction devices are capable of being used in all types of swimming pools. They are easy to use and maintain by owners. They are also recommended by many engineers and service mechanics.

The suction side enables the filtering of water for better sanitation and all round cleanliness. Some of the most used automatic pool cleaners include Aqua Bug, Navigator, Hayward PoolVac Ultra, Zippy, Baracuda Ranger, Kreepy Krauly and Pacer. Despite some of the products and devices in the market sometimes the pool has some debris stuck in it. The reasons are plenty. The problem would be with the faulty cleaning process, device not being able to suck the particles or the device is not driving enough force. A competent service technician should be able to do a better job. He should be well trained and know which device could be useful for what pool. Automatic pool cleaners should be rotated and cleaned before they are used for cleaning pools.

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