Okay, readers, I'm back! Returning to America after a month teaching in Japan, I've spent a couple of days enjoying the familiar creature comforts here in Northern Virginia, like being in the same room with my husband instead of talking with him by phone and email; loads of parks; a nearby swimming pool; cheap and delicious fruits and veggies; sleeping deeply again, the way one does best at a happy home.

There's the comfort of a culture where people speak my language and the fun of doing sessions again with clients who don't need an interpreter. And there's blogging from my fast and user-friendly computer. Clearly, political readings will be coming up soon as the candidates choose their running mates.

On the long plane ride back from Japan, I saw just one movie, the pretty darned dreadful "Nim's Island." But Abigail Breslin, pictured here with her co-star Jodie Foster, simply dazzled.

So let's have fun reading her, on land and .... under water.

We can't try reading faces,since Breslin is way under 18. Instead, I'll do aura readings, choosing a few fun databanks.

For background on my approach, click here. And for do-it-yourself instructions in order to read auras accurately from regular photos, here's the book for you,
"Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras."

And for some of the aura readings, I'll include Ms. Foster, herself a former child star. Brainy Jodie seemed so uncomfortable doing this movie, which largely called for slapstick comedy.

Humor isn't really her thing, and I'm also fascinated by the inner implications of all the cosmetic surgery she has had done.

Let me know, readers, if you'd enjoy a comparison reading of her aura now versus one of her film roles some 20 years ago (where outwardly she didn't look terribly different, due to the work of cosmetic surgeons plus Foster's own long-term commitment to physical training, dieting, etc.)

Physical Connection Databank at the Root Chakra

On land, with Jodie Foster: Radiating huge happiness. Abbie is having the time of her life, acting on location, starring in this movie. She's spunky, curious, spontaneous, and immensely grateful.

And reading that same databank on Ms. Foster: Controlled and disciplined, Jodie isn't particularly enjoying herself but she has invested a lot in doing well in this movie, and does her level best to pack every scene moment with oomph.

Physical confidence isn't her strong suit, so she substitutes a rock-solid will to achieve. (Intellectual confidence matters much more for Foster, including the chance to explore playing a character. If only more movies were made about main characters being truly brilliant, more like the real Jodie Foster.)

In the water: Abbie is using her own will and using it hard. Doing this swimming scene scares her silly, but she's enough of a professional to hide it, bravely trying to swim in character. She doesn't really manage this down to her root chakra, since the character she's portraying would be exceedingly comfortable swimming. Still, who but an aura reader could tell the difference?

Emotional Connection to Others Databank at the Heart Chakra
(And in this context, I mean to her co-star)

On land, with Jodie Foster: Sending the other actress love and support. Relating to her as to a mother with qualities of trust, mutuality, compassion. Whoever has been parenting Abigail has been doing a great job, to judge from what shows here!

And reading that same databank on Ms. Foster: "I'm here doing this scene with this child. She doesn't know nearly as much about acting as I do. I sure hope that she doesn't mess up."

Foster, I know, is a mother herself, through adoption. But maternal feelings aren't aroused by this relationship. And can you blame her? When I saw the opening credits, I was so shocked that Breslin, rather than Foster, had top billing. Not that Breslin didn't deserve it; I'm just used to Foster being first tier.

And now, just for fun, let's bring in Dakota Fanning, relating as best she can to Tom Cruise in this photofrom "War of the Worlds," using a nice big image so you can actually see the child star, all the way down to her pink barette.

First, let's note that Tom has zero emotional interest in Dakota or anyone else on the set. He's just focused on acting, thank you very much.

As for his conventionally pretty, blonde and skinny co-star, how much does Dakota connect? Please! For her it's all about holding the position of her body. Look again at the tricky angle. She's pushing herself to lean back, no doubt at the director's request, so you get a nice view of her face and hair, something that wouldn't happen if she just held on in a normal manner, squishing her face into his chest and turning her head to one side.

Fanning is a smart little technician all around, but not a person with a big, wide-open heart.

Expressing Her Soul Databank at the High Heart Chakra

On land, with Jodie Foster: Abbie sends out joy, an effervescent happiness that wakes up similar feelings in others. It's a big, un-self-conscious presence, wonderfully normal for a child star.

And reading that same databank on Ms. Foster: Sad experience! Some soul-level connection shows here, because Foster truly loves acting. But she doesn't especially love this role, this movie, or what life has done to her as an actress in recent years. And so much else in her life disappoints her that she is almost forced to cling to acting; her authentic gift never has let her down, but I feel an inner calling to find her next step. Acting in movies like this isn't it.

In the water: Abbie's gratitude to be acting pours out like a prayer of thanks. Sure, she's not crazy about the swimming right now. But otherwise she's doing what she does best, having the time of her life.

For one final, fun glimpse, let's read that high heart chakra on her again, in Breslin's breakout role in Little Miss Sunshine.

This photo,
this role, she's very different, all over her aura.

The character is insecure and shy. Doing this shift feels like putting herself inside the pages of a storybook. It's a grand adventure for Breslin.

At her high heart chakra, she's thrilled to be playing this game of pretend. It's the joy of dharma, same as for Jodie Foster, Tom Cruise, and Dakota Fanning. Love of acting -- it's a sacred calling, and all of them have this in common.

Only out of the four, Abigail Breslin knows the most about how to get out of the way.

Add your own comments, friends. Welcome back to us all!

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