*"I was there tee shirts" for sale.
*Get your "I was there" magnets.
*"Obama everything. Buy it today."

Street vendors tempted me during my mad dash home from the Inauguration, but I decided that, on balance, I would be able to remember I had been there using the fancy souvenir known as "my brain."

Besides, it might make a difference for transport if I just raced through, not lingering over the merchandise.

In fact, that's what happened. Just squeezing into my car at the metro station with the strange name, "Foggy Bottom," I avoided the worst of the rush crush going home.


Before I get to the Aura Reading part, here's the human story, a certified good luck travel tale. For weeks, media and emails have told us locals how hard it would be to get downtown, convincing most of me thoroughly. Except yesterday my heart, which had never been convinced, started pulling the rest of me, head, feet and all.

Most of the people I spoke with en route echoed my sentiments. "I have zero expectations. Maybe I'll be turned away. But I figured it would be nice if I could get in, and I just had to try."

Zero expectations may have helped, because it took just two hours of travel to land me a perfectly fine spot for viewing. Unlike some disgruntled yuppies I met metro-ing home, I did not purchase parade tickets, expect easy admission, then wait in line for three hours only to be turned away.

Huge stretches of the mall were closed, filled to capacity. From the Capitol to the Washington Monument crowds were as they showed on TV. In our photo to the right, those tiny dots are, of course, people.

Strategically and realistically, I aimed for standing room along that final stretch, by the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pools. Plenty of room was available, along with jumbotrons and extreme loudspeakers.

Ironically, our giant screens were placed so that thousands of us stood with our backs to the new Prez, even as he took his oath. Some thoughtful soul had placed the screens away from the sun. Anyway, irony was hardly on our minds.

First I did some Get Big (a technique many of you Blog-Buddies know from my books); then I lodged my prayers deep into the earth. Next, I sent prayers up to ancestors, especially my parents. How they would have relished voting in this election!

Standing near the fence by the reflecting pool, I could clearly the screen, positioned just perfectly for Aura Reading. And Aura Reading I did, except for when President Obama took his oath. Jumping for joy, I couldn't stop bouncing up and down then like a dribbled basketball.

Here are highlights of what I read the rest of the time.


In an otherwise perfect ceremony, Barack Obama stumbled a bit at the start, taking his official Oath of Office.

By now you've probably heard the surface-level story about what happened. Justice Roberts goofed. Obama gave him time to correct. Robers corrected, and then Obama spoke more the first version. We're talking tiny goof here, however it happened.

Beyond that, some people might call it nerves, especially given the huge local and international audience.

I don't think so. Mr. Obama has long since demonstrated nerves of steel.

Here's my Aura Reading theory. This does not logically exclude the factual basis for the tiny goof, but supplements those facts.

From the perspective of Aura Reading, a Presidential Inauguration is like a wedding ceremony. Frequencies do come into the auras of participants, pouring into the crown chakra. Entering into a sacred commitment, especially if one does it with sacred intent, the participant attracts the very finest celestial goodies.

I noticed this first with Vice-President Biden. As he took his oath, new frequencies came in from way beyond earth. Imagine a shower of finest moonlight, with the occasional gold tinsel. If you have ever felt shivers from standing beneath a full moon, amplify that sensation considerably to approximate what was going on with Joe Biden. Because this was an other-worldly unicorn-silver light, from far beyond earth, a higher-vibrational feeding of energy into the man, preparing him for this new responsibility.

Being on the receiving end, Biden was experiencing (it seems to me) the Aura Reading equivalent of a wildly scoring pinball game. Ping! Ping! Screech! Flash those colored lights and just watch the scoreboard set a new record. (This photo, from today, shows the frequencies entering in before the oath-taking.)

What did Obama receive? Soon as his image appeared on the jumbotron, quietly making his entrance, our group of viewers went wild with applause.

Our President-Elect walked with that deliberate grace of his public appearances. Yet, to this aura reader, Obama had more of his usual glisten. It was enough to make an aura reader's eyes bug out, actually. I'm used to shimmering gold pouring into Barack Obama, but this was extra shimmery, a vast Divine blessing.

He's quite used to carrying a lot of this. Or letting it carry him. Whenever people would comment, during the campaign, on Obama's steadiness, I would think, "If you were carrying that much Divine love and light and power, it might slow you down some, too."


Given his usual Aura Goodies, I didn't know what to expect when Barack's turn came to take the oath. Check out this photo, using your Aura Reading skills. (Personally, I recommend using the "Darshan technique" from "Empowered by Empathy.")
Here are my words for the shift:

•Crystals of knowledge, a few of them understandable now but most of them to be absorbed later, as President Obama becomes ready.
•The echoing silence of being in a highly charged sacred space.
•A feeling of great peace and protection, like being in the still enter of a whirlwind.

Maybe you would have stumbled, too. Whadda you think?

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