The following is an excerpt from the book "The Wealth in Questions: Audacious Insights in Success and Wealth" written by entrepreneur Kris Tabetando and published by Vonavo Media Group Inc. Now available at

We often hear, "Curiosity killed the cat." Well, I see a lot of cats and curious people all over the place, so I beg to differ. Be forever curious about your life. Observe your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, with the same curious enthusiasm of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes as he investigated clues to solve his cases. Your simple thoughts and emotions are the clues to your wisdom. This is where your wealth lies.

The other unique aspect of this journey of self-exploration is that we ultimately are headed back to our starting point. We are returning to that authentic Spirit with which we were born - that Spirit whose voice has been covered up by the noise of society. We are attempting to live authentically by listening to our Spirit.

The ultimate wealth is in living our truth irrespective of the consequences. When we start to ask questions and live authentically, we may lose friends, lose recognition, and attract pain from society. We may have to walk alone for a while. But we inevitably will attract people who are authentic, too. To live authentically requires us to get rid of the carefully crafted persona, the mask, the acceptable face we wear on the world's stage every day. Our usual audience may not like the real, authentic person. It may make them uncomfortable. The words in this book shouldn't add any new knowledge into our minds; they should remove the un-truth, the mask we wear, to get to the real face, to the eternally wise Spirit with which we came into the world. The real wealth and wisdom we seek always lies within us, here and now.

So the journey is the destination, and the beginning is the end. Our wisdom is found right where it all began: inside each of us. Our authentic being holds our unique wisdom. Wisdom is in simple thoughts and emotions. All our success begins with our simple talents, our simple gifts.

We are each powerful and significant. We were born this way. This is not arrogance or misplaced self-confidence. No one is inferior or superior to anyone else. We are each the creation of a Higher Power, a power that we forever hold in our Spirit. Therefore, our questions should be empowering questions because that is who we are. Any expression of our Spirit in our work or in our personal lives is a gift to the world. Let's not be timid and settle for pieces of scrap tossed in our direction by society. Let's not waste our gift of life, our gift of time, our twenty-four hours each day, on meaningless and unworthy activities. Time is limited. But our wealthy Spirit is not. We are wealthy. We were born wealthy. Our questions should be wealthy.

We can and should live with uncertainty. We don't need to attempt to control the future. We just need to enjoy each moment and embrace the wisdom and wealth it holds. Remember, a moment, in itself, is neutral. There is nothing special about any particular moment. A moment comes and goes, another second goes by, and life keeps trudging along. A moment becomes wise and powerful when we bring our Spirit to it.

Like a camera captures the image of a moment in time, let's capture the wisdom in a moment. It holds wisdom and wealth because we bring wisdom and wealth to it. All we have to do is ask questions about it. Let's never stop asking questions. Our life expands or contracts with the questions that we ask ourselves. When we explore our questions, we explore our wisdom, we explore our wealth, we explore our life. Our questions are a gift. Our life is a gift.

People often say, "Money makes the world go round." It is not true. Emotions rule the world. Where money is involved, emotions about money make the world go round. People do things largely out of unconscious emotional reactions to the situations in which they find themselves. Emotions are always flying around. Reason is logical, but highly unpopular.

If we can investigate our own mind, from an emotion back to the thought that caused the emotion, we will inevitably stumble upon a new insight. If we question the accepted beliefs that create the foundation of a thought and its related emotion, we will uncover wisdom and wealth hiding in plain view for everyone to see. But emotions cloud "reasonable" judgment so most of us cannot see what is right in front of us.

Moving backwards to the roots, to the foundation, of a thought and emotion, with an open mind, takes us to its simple wisdom. Once we see it, once we experience the wisdom, we are transformed forever. We are no longer the same person. Our newfound wisdom will seep into our actions, which will lift our experiences in life to a higher level. That is the wealth and wisdom in questions.

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KRIS TABETANDO is a life-long student of human nature and the science of success. He is Founder and President of the publishing firm, Vonavo Media Group, whose mission is to inspire people to reconnect with their innate greatness. Kris lives in Toronto.

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