The following is an excerpt from the book "The Wealth in Questions: Audacious Insights in Success and Wealth" written by entrepreneur Kris Tabetando and published by Vonavo Media Group Inc. Now available at

The questions we nurture in our mind bring the answers that we live in our lives. The results of our life come from the thoughts we cultivate. We can't live something if we can't see it. Our mindset attracts the life we live. We live what our mind sees.

Always remember this: We are what we become before we actually become it. To put it simply, we become it inside before everyone else eventually sees it. We think as our dream self would think, and then the dream manifests itself in reality for the rest of the world to see.

We are, and then we become. The acknowledgement we receive from the outside world is always simply a final formality. We are the person we dream of before others recognize it. This may seem like putting the cart before the horse, and it is, but it is a timeless law of life.

We are, and then we become. We become it inside before everyone else eventually sees it.

It is not setting a specific goal that brings our dream to us. It is our mindset that attracts things into our life, good or bad, right or wrong. Note this: many people achieve and live things that were never explicit goals for them. The mind attracts these things. It is always working at attracting things whether we are aware or not. The wealthy mind attracts wealth. The poor mind attracts poverty.

So let's forget about chasing some fixed goal in the future. We can't control the results of life in the future. But we can control our mind right now. Beginning today, let's focus on slowly adopting the mind of the person we want to be in the future. We don't need to own whatever it is that person owns. We attract that stuff with the right mind. When faced with a challenge, let's ask ourselves, "What would that person think in this situation?" With the right mind and the right questions, the right actions flow. So let's not break into a sweat over things we can't control, such as the future. Let's channel our energies toward what we can control, such as our mind.

The mind is like a magnet. It attracts the physical equivalent of its dominating thoughts. The woman with the hundred-thousand-dollar mindset will attract hundreds of thousands of dollars. The woman with the millionaire mindset will attract million-dollar wealth. The woman with the billionaire mindset will attract billion-dollar wealth. The woman with the middle management mindset will attract the middle management job. The woman with the CEO mindset will attract the CEO job. The man with the pessimistic mindset will attract a negative life. The man with the optimistic mindset will attract a positive life. It's that simple.

Let's take advantage of this gift, this ability of our mind to attract what we want to us — this law of attraction. Instead of attracting our dreams, many of us attempt to set and chase fixed goals using widely accepted goal-setting techniques. Goals, in themselves, are not bad. As long as they don't become an obsession and take over our lives, they are good motivational tools for us. But always remember, if we have a poverty mindset, our goal of making a million dollars will almost never materialize. And if somehow it does, say we win the lottery, we will probably lose the financial wealth just as quickly as we gained it because we don't yet have the wealth mindset for it.

Once again, we never need to chase anything down. We always attract what we want by living today in the mind of the person who already has what we desire. The outside world will inevitably come around to bring our dream to us.

If we desire any form of wealth — Physical, Mental, Financial or Spiritual Wealth — it should not be the goal. We should aim to acquire the appropriate wealth mindset. Then, we naturally attract the wealth we desire.

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KRIS TABETANDO is a life-long student of human nature and the science of success. He is Founder and President of the publishing firm, Vonavo Media Group, whose mission is to inspire people to reconnect with their innate greatness. Kris lives in Toronto.

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