One way to ensure that you are experiencing what you desire on a daily basis , is to practice feeling what you desire to feel like through out the day.When you sit and purposefully conjure up the feeling of what it is that you desire, you are intentionally telling the universe what it is that you want. The Universe will do its job and send you back something of a similar vibration. That is all that the LOA does, it matches your vibration.

You can do this in many ways. I like to set my intention for the day during my morning meditation. I spend some time focusing on what i am grateful for to get my self into a good feeling place, then decide how I want to feel during the day, what i want my finale outcome to be. I do my best to bring the actual physical sensation/ feeling that I associate with what it is i am wanting to experience.

You can also engage in this practice through out your day for different segments or your day. As you leave for work you might imagine that you will have a smooth and pleasant commute. Take a moment to really get into the feeling of having a pleasant commute. Then go on your way and expect it to be true.

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