The Law of Attraction, if you will excuse the pun, can be quite attractive. Narrowed down to its basics, the Law of Attraction means: You will reap whatever type of energy you sow. If you engage in and put out negative energy such as pessimism and cynicism, then you’ll get negative energy back.

Likewise, if you engage in and put out positive energy such as hope and optimism, then that, too, will be returned to you. You may recognize this as karma, of which it’s basically the same perspective. If you want to truly create and live the life of power, passion, purpose and prosperity, then it’s of the utmost importance you sow your seeds accordingly.

AND You Must Put Action into Attr-Action!

The Law of Attraction states when you live your life with very specific intention, and live in integrity with that intention, you’ll attract to you what it is you’re intending. It’s based on the premise: Like energies attract like. Being intentional means being clear and specific about what it is you want. It also means being purposeful and living on purpose.

Your actions must be congruent with your intentions!

Action, interestingly, is also the last six letters of attrACTION. Yes, you will have to take the “Right Action” to get what you want and to attract it to you. This is THE one step many people miss. Practicing the Law of Attraction without action is like planting a garden without seeds or plants: Wish and wish as you will, but no garden will ever appear...only weeds!! (there will be more on weeds in another posting, so stay tuned!!)

Want to start or expand a business, enter a new relationship, enhance an existing one, or enrich your personal growth? Regardless of what it is, it will happen ONLY if you follow the formula of being intentional and living in your integrity, which means you must follow-up and go into action.

Start by getting clear about what you want

Know exactly what your intentions are. Then begin to put the action into the attraction. If you’re passive, you’ll get passive results. If you’re active, however, you’ll achieve the results you desire, AND even more. This is all part of reaping what you’re sowing.

Columbus is a perfect example of how this concept works. He had a vision to prove the world was round by sailing west to India. He was very clear about where he was going and, more or less, how he was going to get there. He didn’t totally succeed, but because of his vision he made another amazing discovery. You too will make amazing discoveries when you create a vision and then get into right action to move toward your dreams and goals.

That, my friend, is putting the action into the attraction!

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