Attracting WEALTH, effortlessly, by Living in the Moment...

Living in the moment has everything to do with whether or not you will live your life with money in abundance or experience a lack of money...

All of life happens in the moment.... Anything you are thinking in regards to the past or future is not living life in this moment of now. In fact, there is only the eternal moment of now, there is no other time.

There is psychological time (tick, tock, tick, tock) but if you close your eyes and try to become aware of time, the only thing you will become aware of is no time or timelessness.

You can not experience time other than as a psychological man-made phenomena programmed into your mind by the ticking of the man-made clock. (tick, tock, tick, tock)

Most people I know control or run their life by the clock.... and because they do they have very little time to create money in abundance for themselves with no effort at all.

When you are no longer in bondage to man-made time you will experience so much freedom to create money in abundance for yourself, with effortless ease, you will amaze yourself.


Not one person richer than you (by a dollar or a million ) has one more moment of time in the day than you have... It is not how smart a person is that determines if they will become wealthy or not, it is their understanding of timelessness where their authentic (creative money-making) power lives that makes that difference (More on this later)

Giving up being a SLAVE to the CLOCK

I do not even own a watch and rarely know what time it. As a result, the feeling of FREEDOM I have to create all the money I want, when I want it, by only doing those things I love doing (that make me happy) is truly breath-taking.

It wasn't always this way for me until I committed to living my life in the moment, in the eternal moment of now, no matter what.

Living in the moment has everything to do with whether or not you will live your life with an abundance of money or lack of money...


FYI: This discussion is being continued on the inside of the Money MASTERY Forum and covers all the way you can effectively live in the moment, the only place you can easily reclaim your authentic power and make all the money you ever dreamed of having and make that money with little or no effort at all.

Frederick Zappone

Making Money, in abundance, by working harder is only for people who do not know how to make money, in abundance, by working smarter.

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