Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock you have heard about the Law of Attraction in the past couple of years. 

Since the movie “the Secret” came out it seems that everyone has been talking about it.

Basically the Law of Attraction says that you will attract what you think about

So of course, many people think that they would love to use this knowledge to attract the things that they really want in life such as money, career success and of course a wonderful loving relationship

But is it easier said than done?

The Law of Attraction on Autopilot 

The fact is that most people attract things into their lives by default.  Yes, it’s true. We tend to attract things into our life without thinking about it, we attract by autopilot.  It’s like driving to work everyday, we just do it automatically, without even thinking. 

When was the last time you even thought about your route to work?

Yet, this very act of attracting by autopilot is what causes many a relationship to flounder.  How many times have you heard of a woman who married someone just like her father, or a man marrying a woman just like his mother?  Now, it is possible that a relationship like that could be a perfect match but it is also possible that it could just be a continuation of misery. 

Repeating Relationship Patterns 

How many people do you know who have jumped right into a new relationship and except for the exterior package (yes, it is a different person) the relationship is the essentially the same as the one they left? Same problems, different face. 

Have you been guilty of that? 

One reason why this happens is because of the Law of Attraction.  You see, during the bad relationship you developed habituated modes of thinking and vibrating.  Just breaking up or even an official divorce does not and will not change that mode of vibration.  We quickly develop habits of looking at the world and it takes time to break those habits

Part of the problem is that people tend to ruminate on “why” they needed to leave the last relationship, why that person was not right for them and all of the bad qualities of the person they left.  But while they are doing all of this stewing, justifying and ruminating, they are still vibrating in that same place so if they do attract someone new it is very likely that the same problems will be there. They will just be packaged in a different person.

Love Yourself First! 

In order to use the Law of Attraction deliberately to create a wonderful relationship you need to spend some time alone, getting comfortable with just yourself.  Find things that you love to do and do them just for fun, don’t try to meet anyone, just get happy with yourself.  And while you are doing this you can consider just what you want in a relationship. 

Stop focusing on the things that you disliked in your previous relationship and the things that didn’t work and focus on the good and wonderful things that you want. 

You’ll get to a point where you will know you are focusing on the good things you want to attract because you will have good feelings, happy feelings and when you are really ready to attract someone new and wonderful who is right for you, you may even be able to look back on your past relationships with thoughts of appreciation.  That person may not have been the one for you but they did get you to where you are and where you are is the only place you can attract the person who will be right for you and the relationship that you really want.   

We all want to attract a loving, wonderful person to co-create a magnificent future with.  Change your focus,  think about and really feel inside what it is that you want in a relationship, then let it go, don’t dwell on it.  Have faith that it will happen for you. 

Before you know it you will have attracted the one from your dreams.  

Karen Lynch is a Law of Attraction and Personal Development Expert and founder of the empowering and inspiring website www.livethepower.com. You can read more of her inspirational and motivational writings at the Live the Power blog at http://www.livethepower.com/blog

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