How many times have you heard these three famous words?

Attitude Is Everything!

Me? I’ve heard this repeated literally thousands of times.

Every self-help guru, motivational speaker, loving parent and CEO on the planet teaches and preaches how important having a positive attitude is.

And they’re almost right - even, if they are gritting their teeth, clenching their fists and yelling, “You need to get a better attitude!”

I remember seeing the legendary Zig Ziglar presenting to 3,000 salespeople at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City in 2002.

In his classic, evangelistic style he walked to center stage, knelt down on one knee, and with his signature southern drawl, said those three famous words…

Attitude is everything!”

I almost fell off my chair.

But here’s the most important part: He continued to say, “A positive attitude can’t help you do anything, but it can help you do everything better!

I immediately asked myself an important question.

“When is it clearly obvious that my attitude, my aptitude and my altitude are creating exceptional results? When am I most positive?”

It hit me like a lightening bolt! My attitude is most positive when I have An Abundance of Energy!

In that instant I knew I was on to something better than great.

Three “New” Famous Words:

Energy Is Everything!

My belief is Energy precedes Attitude, period.

Here’s why: Having an abundance of energy enables you to do virtually anything and everything better - including having a better attitude.

Here’s proof: How can you be great if you don’t feel great?

You know it’s true. How often do you feel tired, cranky, hungry, irritated and stressed out? How is your attitude in those low-energy moments?

Exactly! Not very good.

But if you didn’t feel tired, cranky, hungry, irritated and stressed out - if you were more energized - wouldn’t your attitude automatically improve?

Of course it would!

“But I don’t have energy to unleash,” you say.

“Yes, you do,” I say. We all have an abundance of energy within us; it’s just that many of us have developed a lifetime of negative, energy draining habits. We abuse, misuse or let our energy waste away.

Result: You feel as if, act as if, and believe you have no energy.

When you’re feeling down, tired or depressed, it’s hard to find the enthusiasm to even put your socks on in the morning, let alone be “high” on life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can beat the blahs and invigorate, reignite and “unleash boundless personal energy.” You just need new strategies, new behaviors and new reasons to tap into your unlimited power source - YOU!

Today, FYI - For Your Information and Inspiration - I’ve given you the vital first step: The knowledge that Energy precedes Attitude.

Of course there are more steps. (The importance of Unleashing Boundless Personal Energy became one of the cornerstones of my message and it’s the first module in the Best Year Ever! program. (But this is what you must know to get underway.)

ACTION IDEA: Focus on Energy First and Attitude will follow. Decide and take action on creating more positive energy in your life. If you do, everything will change, that I can promise. You can grow, improve and become more than you are demonstrating at this moment.

Change comes from within. Personal development and self-growth is an inside job. Only you know your personal truth. You were destined for greatness. The challenge, you may have lost hope and belief that it can still happen for you. Your attitude is reflective of that because your energy is tapped from your lack of focus.

So start working on your Energy today. An improved attitude will follow, guaranteed.

Your Energy Is Everything!

Author's Bio: 

Eric Taylor is the Chief Inspiration Officer of and founder of New Jersey based Empowerment Group International. He delivers more than 100 energized and interactive keynotes, workshops and seminars each year to corporations, associations and tradeshows. He is the author of the Energy Passport, Co-creator of the Best Year Ever! Success System and Co-author of The Complete Sales Training Encyclopedia. To get complete details about Eric’s background, his products and services, visit Eric Taylor’s Blog and review Eric Taylor’s Profile.