A football quarterback running for the touch down either makes it through the tackles unscathed and scoring or gets ploughed out of the touch down. Two very different sets of wiring are possible for such an athlete. One is the adrenalin rush of the job the other is a completely different chemical and hormonal tuning of the body which is pre determined by the athlete ahead of the play.

Looking at the first example two other scenarios are possible: The first is a quarterback who is revved up and ready for the play that excels at the run and maneuvers that it takes to run as straight a possible avoiding getting ploughed. There is a training embraced, likely a good masseuse, with nutrition observed and a honed mind for accomplishing excellence for the season and plays ball for as long as the body lasts through all the p ploughs. Second possibility is that a quarterback does occasionally get ploughed badly and knows intuitively from training the endorphin high you can ride to override injury and keep going as if it never happened and holding that state the athlete actually changes the quantum state of the body to either greatly reduced injury or miraculous recovery from something that technically never happened in a real hyperspace maneuver of mind. The athlete may not look a gift horse in the mouth and question the miracle, may even drag himself to church occasionally to count his blessings and is therefore unfortunately uneducated about science and the athletes real source of prowess; the supernatural power that is possible to unlock in the DNA with a honed mind.

An educated quarterback would likely hone the mind in a far greater capacity to be unlimited in athletic performance and learn in a similar fashion that a toist martial artist has understanding of mind flowing purposely with as little effort as possible. The DNA is coded in a manner that is away from adrenal rush and towards hyperspace calibration of space/time which may even allow the quarterback psychic pictures of the plays.

An educated mind has earned the right to excellence through the mastery of training beyond the sport of play and in the future sports may change to a whole new ball game including science, energetic principals and an advanced neurological model.

NOTE: Watch curling stay on the curling pin only if you do you will see hyperspace blips as it is repositioned from the focus of each of the players on the curling ice as it travels with the players sweeping either side of it. Usually there is a very fast blip 'out' of the actual player along with the pin as it and the player disappears and reappears; the phenomonon resembles a skipped frame in the reality unfolding captuered on film.

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