Wednesday- December 24, 2008 - Scorpio / Anuradha / 13th tithi

The moon entered Scorpio yesterday and will be in her sign of debilitation for the next couple of days. Yes, this includes Christmas day. So, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will have a debilitated moon -- and a moon that is very dark. Woo hoo! Needless to say, you must be very careful with your emotional state this holiday season. When the moon becomes this dark a certain level of emotional resistance to discomfort becomes lower. We become more touchy to our emotional environment and it has a higher capacity to affect us negatively. A very dark Moon in Scorpio has several important qualities compromised. Namely, brightness and a comfortable environment.

Realize that you may feel a bit melancholy, and just as important, others around you may also feel that way. Thus, a good approach can be to act more in a protective mode -- protecting them and being more sympathetic to their feelings. This is a very positive quality of Scorpio, wanting to protect others emotionally. But this is only possible when your own emotional needs become less important, something excessively difficult for Scorpio. However, the insight and awareness of astrology always gives us the creative choice in advance. So, please choose wisely. The Nakshatra ruler of Anuradha, is called Mitra - the divine friend. Thus, being that protective friend to others should come easily today.

It is the 13th lunar day to day, one related to Cupid -- the God of love and desire. This has the potential for joy and happiness, but given the condition of the Moon stated above, it also has the potential for jealousy and negative emotions. Again, be careful

Thursday- December 25, 2008 - Scorpio / Jyestha / 14th tithi

The moon continues through Scorpio today, Christmas Day -- still in her sign of debilitation and even darker than yesterday -- and it is a difficult lunar day. Whew boy, let the fun begin! Today could be even more potentially difficult than yesterday. The Nakshatra of Jyestha is ruled by Lord Indra, the king of the gods. But he was also the one very puffed up with his own pride and ready to do battle over things more related to his ego. This is the section of Scorpio where emotional pride turns into emotional warfare. They say "love is a Battlefield", well that could be the case today if you're not careful. But again, the protective and heroic quality of this Nakshatra is still possible. But at this point, in Scorpio, the moon is further away from her actual debilitation degree (3° and 20 seconds) but still in this environment of wanting to destroy emotional weakness through aggression.

The Sun/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius is very important as Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and in this environment of ideals and principles. Also joined Mercury, there could be a high potential for verbal battles over principles. Isn't that the way it always works out, "it's the principle of the thing", that's why were arguing, right? Be careful for this type of self righteous battle today. It is very possible.

We're under the influence of the 14th lunar day today as well. The 14th lunar day of the waning moon is probably the most difficult lunar day for experiencing emotional peace. It is very good for meditation and destroying darkness -- as it is ruled by mother Kali. But this is a difficult energy for most of us. It takes a lot of courage to face ourselves and own up to our own mistakes, problems and weaknesses rather than feeling like a victim, blaming others and getting angry at them over it. Few people rise to this challenge most of the time.

Also, I want to say this in all candor and with all due respect. The moon will also be passing the gandantha point - the place between Scorpio and Sagittarius, where there is no Nakshatra to bridge the energy. This is a very difficult and dangerous section of the zodiac. Especially considering all of the environmental factors right now, (including ones I didn't mention, like Jupiter being debilitated, with Rahu, bringing confusion and the potential for a dangerous lack of hope) you want to be careful about acting upon any sort of rash thoughts today -- such as suicide or other desperate ideas. If you're having a lot of trouble in your life, this could be a very difficult day and you just need to get through it. Brighter days are ahead. Starting tomorrow.

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