1. Truly understand what your spiritual self is, then learn
to tap into and utilize the Infinite Power and
intelligence of the higher side of your being.

2. Learn about the 6 intellectual functions of your
conscious mind and how to utilize each one every day.

3. Learn the 3 functions of your subconscious mind and the
power it has on your everyday results and behavior.

4. Uncover and understand the "real" cause of your self-
image and why every one of your results is totally
determined by it.

5. Learn how to find the "True North" in each area of your
life and understand exactly what has caused your current
results in each area.

6. Determine, then decide exactly what you want in each
area of your: health, wealth, God, relationships, and
career, and then learn how to properly plan for them to

7. Learn how to re-program and re-condition your mind to
achieve mega-success in each of these areas of your life.

Author's Bio: 

John Assaraf, aka "The Street Kid", transformed his life from a small-time gang member in his youth, to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur before the age of 30, using the exact principles and techniques he shares in his new book "The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All". For more information about the book visit: http://www.thestreetkid.com.