Ask, Believe, Receive

Three words that are intended to unlock the secret, which as most of the world now knows is the code name for the ‘law of attraction’. You may or may not be a fan of The Secret, however I believe the fundamental formula of ask, believe, receive is sound. If only it were that easy.

From my perspective, the most significant challenge in this process is “believe.” It is one word that sounds simple enough yet this one word - in this context - describes a body of work that virtually encompasses a significant portion of the personal development industry.

So what does it take to truly believe? I will not profess to answer such a monumental question in this short article but I can provide some powerful starting points from the foundation of The Personal Freedom Program.

The prime difficulty with believing is that we are not conscious of much of what we believe. Conventional wisdom says that we are aware of approximately 10% of our beliefs, leaving a whopping 90% in the sub or unconscious. Clearly our capacity to consciously manifest is powerfully influenced by our less than conscious selves. So how do we “Ask, Believe and Receive”, if up to 90% of what we believe could be hidden limiting beliefs, conflicting values and suppressed fears?

Most people simply choose to focus on and operate from their conscious, ignoring or pretending that the sub or unconscious has any impact, and when the latest craze or oversimplified tool does not work such as “Ask, Believe, Receive” there is another external reason or justification as to why they cannot Be, Do or Have what they want in their life.

Let that not be you! A small amount of effort in becoming more conscious of what you really believe can make a monumental difference in your quality of life and your ability to manifest.

A great starting point to become more conscious of what you really believe, is to use a simple yet powerful tool. That tool is something we call Based on Results. It is a tool of significant depth that assists to shine the light of awareness into the dark chasm of the unconscious. It will assist you to identify both supportive and limiting beliefs. If you answer honestly, it will also allude even deeper to your payoffs and protections for holding those beliefs. Based on Results poses a simple question; “for these thoughts, feelings and results to exist, what must I believe at a conscious and less than conscious level?”

For example, I have a friend who recently experienced a relationship breakup and significant heartbreak. To be clear, this is not the first time, it is a recurring pattern in her life. She asked herself, “based on the recurring result of primary relationships ending, me feeling heartbroken, silly, alone and thinking men can’t be trusted and relationships don’t work, what is wrong with me? What must I believe at a less than conscious level?”

Her answers led to a less than conscious theme that uncovered a core negative belief of not being worthy and deserving of love. An irrational unconscious belief that influenced virtually every aspect of her life. In dealing directly with this belief, she was able to release some of her unconscious limiting beliefs, align consciously who she wanted to be, what she wanted to do and what she wanted to have. The result? She attracted the man of her dreams. They are happy and planning their life together. That is the power of getting to the heart of what you REALLY believe!

As Ezra Pound said “
What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it.

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Jay Fiset is a powerful speaker, a risk-taker, and a leader who reaches his goals by assisting others to achieve theirs. He has over 20,000 hours experience conducting personal development seminars. His company, Personal Best Seminars, is a leading seminar company that provides workshops promoting self awareness and stimulating personal growth. Jay enjoys living life to the fullest. He continually challenges himself and expands his comfort zone by participating in such activities as bungee jumping, sky diving, and fire walking.

His interests include television and video production, restoring vintage sports cars, running, Macintosh computers, real estate investing and learning new technology.

He is committed to personal development, conscious parenting, lifelong learning, the end of extreme poverty, community contribution and discovery.

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