To be successful writing articles or a blog, you must get people to read your work. Without readers, there is no point in writing. The best way to attract massive page views is through the use of a compelling title. The title of your article or blog post is the most important part of your work. It is the single most important factor in whether or not visitors decide to read your article or visit your site. And, the more readers you get, the more you will profit.

Your title must be persuasive. It must attract readers like magnet and intrigue them. The best titles almost compel people to read on. A good title promises some kind of benefit or reward for the reader in exchange for the time it takes them to read further. Your title is the first critical step in attracting massive page views and achieving online success.

According to some of the best copywriters of all time, you should spend half of the time it takes to write a piece on the headline. Your title is the advertising for your written work. In fact, in most cases, it is the only thing that your potential readers will see before deciding to read further. For that reason, you should downright obsess over the title.

Some of the advertising greats re-wrote their title and headlines hundreds of times. Others spent a full week on the title and first paragraph or two. These people knew the value of a good title. Of course, you probably couldn’t spend a week on everything you write, but to attract massive page views and achieving online success writing articles or a blog, you should focus on the title and make it compelling.

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