You have done all the hard work and are due to arrive at campsite.

The first thing you must do when you arrive at your caravan park is to check in at reception. Then the following list should help you to prepare your caravan for your holiday. If you have arrived at a campsite in the bush or the side of the road and there is no reception, just go straight to a spare spot and follow the checklist where appropriate.

  • Check in at reception
  • Make your way to your allocated camp site.
  • You will probably have to reverse into your spot, so I hope you have done your reversing practice.
  • Before uncoupling the caravan from your car, check if the caravan is level from side to side.
  • Either travel with a spirit level for this purpose or use a low wide bowl with water in it (similar to setting up your washing machine at home).
  • If not level - use your chocks and blocks under the wheels and use your car to slowly pull your caravan onto them.
  • Unlock your jockey wheel and winch the van up from your tow ball.
  • Unscrew your safety chains, your electric cable and “Anderson Plug”.
  • Drive your car away from the caravan and park it.
  • Check the level from front to back and adjust the height using your jockey wheel.
  • Lower your corner steadies and use spreaders if the ground is soft.
  • Connect your power cable to your allocated site and your van.
  • Switch on the mains power in the van and check all is working.
  • Turn on your gas cylinder.
  • Switch your fridge/freezer to mains power.
  • Fill up your water containers and connect your waste disposable hose.
  • Set up your awnings (if fitted).

    Time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have arrive at campsite, enjoy your well deserved break.

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