What happens when people feel their own mortality? In Dr. Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Death, people described their experience of temporarily dying and then being brought back to life. Almost everyone who had a near death experience reported being asked two questions during the time of their death. Regardless of culture or religious beliefs, the two questions were the same: “What did you learn about being able to love?” and “How well did you use your gifts to live your unique life purpose?”

Most of us don’t get the opportunity to ponder these questions at the brink of life and death, never mind the prospect of coming back to life to change our responses should we be disappointed by them. This being the case, it is only extreme, life-altering events that tend to compel us to assume such contemplative poses, and no one would argue that the prospect of Armageddon is an example of such a life-altering event. However, what is new for many is the perceived proximity of Armageddon. What was only recently considered alarmist fodder for hypochondriacs is now a realistic prospect for many. And, as such, it is causing many to “check in” with themselves in order to re-examine their lives in ways previously not contemplated and consequently to realign their priorities.

In some instances, this will lead people to be more introverted—perceived greater risk and threat leading these people to want to close off and protect themselves from the prospect of further harm. In other instances, this will lead people to be bolder, more daring and to take greater risks—with the thought that “the end of the world” is approaching anyway. So, why not?

Both of these paths have their benefits and drawbacks. If you become more introverted, there may be less chance of getting hurt, but you also fail to live life to its fullest. On the other hand, if you are bolder and more daring, you may also be inviting unnecessary risks, which may lead to their own dire circumstances. However, there is a middle of the road. Sincere self-examination can lead to self-forgiveness, the forgiveness of others, and the ability to lead a less judgmental life.

Being bold might include having the courage to find love, to learn how to deepen a relationship, or to live out your dreams. Once people check in with their priorities, they tend to agree that love and human connections are the things that matter most in life. This recognition motivates people to communicate more openly, intimately and honestly. They are more aware of time and its imminent end, and hypersensitive of being left in the position of saying, “If only…”, “I wish I had…”, or “What if…” Uncertainty about the world and the longevity of one’s life causes people to take action. Single people take greater risks because they don’t want to be alone, and couples reconnect, forming closer bonds. In other words, people seek solace and refuge in the power of love.

Love is the fuel that keeps the world going round. It empowers our planet. In exploring everlasting love, we are seeking to express more of ourselves and experience more of life in tandem with the right partner. If an individual can achieve a wholesome self-love then two people uniting in love can become a powerhouse. Every trial and tribulation they go through together can be viewed as an avenue to know, feel and express more love. Love has a high value because it is an investment. It causes us to experience life on every level, and that is the ultimate gift of our existence. We quest for love because of its enduring quality and its ability to grow if nourished. Love is a precious gift that we earn and as such is all the more dear to us. To be able to receive and give more of love is to experience life in glorious technicolor. To learn more about the power of love, do read my book, 12 Steps to Everlasting Love or go to my virtual seminars.

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Love Guru, Media Therapist, Author and World Class Speaker, Dr. Ava Cadell is an accomplished author of seven books. When TV shows want ratings, they call Dr. Ava who has appeared on numerous national shows including Good Morning America, Extra, Montel Williams, Geraldo, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, Fox News, MTV, VH1, Discovery, Lifetime, Learning Channel, E! Entertainment and A&E.

A highly sought after speaker in the USA and Canada, throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, Dr. Ava lectures to Fortune 500 organizations, religious groups, medical institutes and colleges on the topics of romance, relationships, love and human sexuality consistently drawing sell-out crowds. Dr. Ava's mission is to promote the benefits of healthy love and intimacy to individuals and couples around the globe.

Founder of the Loveology University®, On-line University of Love Coaching, Dr. Ava has taken on the role as teacher to share her knowledge with talented motivated students who will become Certified Loveologists.

Dr. Ava has a doctorate in human behavior from Newport University, CA and a doctorate of education in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Through her private practice in Los Angeles, she counsels people on personal issues that range from anger management, fear of intimacy, lack of communication to lack of desire.