I don’t care what anyone says, working out can be downright boring. We all want to stay in shape, but if we get stuck in the same old rut, boredom can set in and cause our workouts to become less productive and in some cases, lead us to take longer and longer breaks between workouts. I have to admit, it has happened to me on occasion.

I would get up in the morning, hit the gym, and wait. Wait in traffic, wait for people to finish up on equipment that I wanted to use, and waiting for the gym to update the ancient equipment it DID have. Every visit was the same tired scenario. I would do a set, go get a drink, come back, do another set, hit the bathroom…you get the idea. It is not that I wasn’t serious about my workouts, it is just that the gym atmosphere, in my opinion, leads many to the same “drone like” activities. Sometimes, we just need some EXCITEMENT… something to shake things up and help reinvigorate our love for working out. Two things can help make that happen. One is the actual workout itself. Simply standing in place and lifting a dumbbell does not exactly qualify as an EXCITING workout. The second thing is the actual results you get from the workout itself. Heck, if you are getting amazing results, you probably will keep doing what it is that you are doing. After all, losing weight, gaining muscle, and looking great are the goals of our workout program, aren’t? Well, I want to share something with you that will help accomplish both of these tasks with flying colors. Introducing: The Kettlebell.

For the uninitiated, kettlebells are Russian in origin and they resemble bowling walls except they have a large handle coming out of the top. While these things have been around for centuries they have only newly been introduced to the US within the last 10 years. One thing is for certain, these things are anything but boring.

The main exercise with the kettlebell is called the swing. You basically take the bell by the handles and swing it from between your legs and forward and up to your eye level or as high as straight overhead. Sound a little different than the norm you are used to? It is, and once you try it, you will see just how different. This one exercise is not only fun, but an INCREDIBLE workout. Your calves, hamstrings, quads, back, arms, shoulders….YEP, your ENTIRE body gets a thorough workout. This is just ONE workout of many you can do with this unique and effective piece of equipment.

The kettlebell is just one object, but if you take some time and learn a few of the ways you can use it, I can promise that you will NEVER be bored again. Aside from taking boring out of your workout vernacular, the kettlebell may just get you in the best shape of your life in less time than anything you have tried before. Pick up a kettlebell and get swinging!

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