Let's start at the beginning. Kim DeYoung showed up in Tucson for my Tall Poppy Private Platinum Program after her initial hand analysis session knowing her Life Purpose (from her fingerprint patterns) is: "Successful Passionate Creative in the Community Spotlight." In other words, Kim is a "big shot."

You may be a big shot, too. Let's find out if the 3 sure-fire signs of the big shot apply to you.

BIG SHOT Sure-Fire Sign #1: You Play SMALL SHOT

There are lots of big shots lurking around, hiding out in the shadows, playing "small shot." How did Kim play small shot? Bear in mind that BIG SHOT means doing BIG things in a BIG way, not small things in a tiny way. But big shots play small until they just can't stand the frustration of zippo results one day longer. So Kim was trying to pick up clients one by one by one. This approach is akin to an elephant trying to fill its belly on a handful of peanuts. A tasty snack, but no satisfaction.

BIG SHOT Sure-Fire Sign #2: You Are Concerned With Being TOO BIG and Showing People Up

When I confronted Kim about this, her Life Lesson reared its Medusa head and said, "Well, what will I tell people when I change course?" Kim's Life Lesson is "emotional authenticity." She is learning to express herself authentically regardless of the expectations of others. I said, "Uh huh. I realize that you are speaking from the illusion of your Life Lesson, but nevertheless, who CARES what anybody thinks? Who are you REALLY explaining your choices to?" Hmmm.... a hush fell over our conversation. (Mind you, this is the SAME conversation that comes up again and again - that's the nature of our lesson - it's our lesson for LIFE. We simply get more skilled at nipping it in the bud before it escalates into a full-blown melt-down.)

"Kim, if you weren't concerned about the opinions of others and you decided to think really, really BIG, what would you do?" I'm paraphrasing Kim's response here when she said, "I would help metromoms connect, create and succeed - both at home and at work." How? "By bringing them together in various venues and helping them discover their own power and magic so that they can grow businesses that give them more fun, more income, and more time with their kids." Now that's a benefit-laden offer if there every was one - especially if you're a metromom. (A "metromom" is a suburban or urban mother who is a fun, forward-thinking new or established business owner seeking to create extra income working from home, on her own terms.)

BIG SHOT Sure-Fire Sign #3: When You Seize The BIG IDEA and Decide To Make It Real, You Become Unstoppable

Once Kim got over feeling she owed anybody an explanation, she realized she wanted to create a business membership association with over 2500 members in the next six months. Yowza! She left Tucson about a month ago with her Big Shot Plan in her hot, big shot hands. In LESS THAN THREE WEEKS, she had her web site in the design phase, the copy being handled by a copywriter and mailing list research underway to find the metromoms seeking the community and connection that Kim, BIG SHOT KIM, is so talented at providing.

She told me, "I don't have the energy anymore to pick up the phone for one by one by one appointments - unless those appointments support my larger goals. I'm focusing on my Great Women Gatherings and building my association and direct sales team. That's where my heart is."

There you have it. A former small shot comes clean and decides to play BIG.

Author's Bio: 

Baeth Davis, "The Hand Analyst," is a professional hand analyst specializing in non-predictive palmistry. She helps female entrepreneurs, small business owners and women experiencing major life transitions to discover the calling of their souls and create practical, pragmatic business plans to make their unique life purposes both meaningful AND profitable. Visit Baeth at handanalyst.com to learn more and get a free copy of “The 5 Massive Mistakes Spiritually Oriented Women Make in Business (and How to Avoid Them!)”