Technology has brought about a change in how we look at employment today. Problem is colleges still tell students to look for jobs with corporations, that no longer exist. Those jobs went out with the BABY BOOMER Generation.

When employees went to work with Corporations back in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, & early 90's during the 20th Century there was an unwritten rule that they had a job for life. Then during the latter part of the 90's that all began to change when corporations started cutting back on their management positions by offering buyout packages & outsourcing positions.

That was the beginning of the shift back to the small businessman & entrepreneurship. Jobs that existed 10 years ago don't exist today, jobs that exist today didn't exist 10 years ago, and there will be jobs in the future that haven't been invented yet. People need to change their mindset of what a job is & where to find it. As long as they use the same traditional methods of looking for employment they will be left behind.

What people need to do is look at their passion--something they do as a hobby and figure out how to make a living doing it. When I ask someone is there something you'd love to do that you'd do for FREE and earn an income doing it?--they have a ready answer, but they don't know where to go from there.

President Obama has made retraining part of his stimulus package, but he's giving the money to the corporations to do the retraining--not to the Technical Schools or Career Coaches who know the job market and can help people with learn the skills & retrain them & help them come up with ways to build & expand their business.

Technology & the Internet are two things that have made it easier to have a business from home. Companies, instead of hiring people to work in call centers they outsource the work so people work from home--they give them the computer with the software installed to reroute the calls and phones, so they work from home. This allows for flextime where you can choose the days you want to work.

The Internet, Social Sites, & personal websites(storefront) on the Worldwide Web have made this a global economy. You can do business anywhere selling through the Internet, but it also allows the scam artists easy access as well. This has allowed people to build a business much easier and cheaper than you would if you had to have a storefront in a shopping center. To open a storefront you need $500,000.00 in overhead just to get started. When you work from home you just need to have enough to take care of your personal needs + you have tax breaks working from home. Many storefronts are closing their door during this economic crisis and selling their products through websites (storefronts).

When I entered the workforce 25 years ago it was still 12 years before ADA became law. I couldn't find gainful employment so I decided to create my own opportunity--so I started my own business. This makes me an expert on this topic. If people would begin to make their own opportunities they could find employment--think dog walking, detailing cars, dog grooming at their home, Virtual Assistants--the list can go on.

In conclusion, marketing using social sites such as--Linked in, Plaxo, Ryze, Ning(create your own social site) ect. technology can help you build & grow a successful business. As you income increases you need to also incorporate the traditional methods of marketing too.

Author's Bio: 

Davida has an AAS in Mental Health, BS in Psychology, credits towards an MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, taken the American Seminar Leaders Assoc. University & received the Certified Seminar Leader certification, attended Toastmasters and received both the CTM & ATM certifications. As a member of NSA-GA Chapter where she participated in their mentor program --wrote a speech Success is My Only Option!

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