Affiliate marketing create millionaires every single year while 95% are struggling to make $100 online.

What is the secret to affiliate riches? And how can you replicate what they are doing?

Do you want to know what really differentiate struggling newbies from super affiliates earning thousands of dollars per month online?

They have the right knowledge and the proper affiliate marketing tools.

The tools you need to increase your affiliate revenue by ten folds are:

1. Auroresponder Software

If you want to earn a full income on the Internet, you absolutely need an autoresponder software.

This will automate the process of sending promotion emails and newsletter to your subscribers.

Every single person who sign up to the webform on your site and confirm will then receive a series of follow-up message with links to your affiliate products.

2. Website Software

You can create your website yourself if you are an html or php expert.

If not, you will need to purchase a website software. Nowadays, they are pretty cheap and very easy to use with their wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor.

One of my coaching client created his very first website in less with twenty four hours with the one I recommend.

3. Adtracker

When you send emails to your list members, you will need to track many paramaters like the open rate, the conversion rate and a few others.

A good software will allow you to considerably increase your affiliate income because you will be able to know what works.

4. Keyword and SEO Tool

A keyword tool like wordtracker or keyword elite is absolutely essential if you want to dominate your niche and get top search engine rankings.

I don't say that you are going to find keywords that nobody found, but it will help you a lot and you will save hours if not months of research.

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