Are You The Harried Business Person?--Take the Test and Find Out
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You’re often tired, overwhelmed and irritable. You lose your keys, misplace your wallet and have more than your share of car accidents. The results of overwork and too many commitments can be disastrous to your health, your relationships and even to your work. Take the quiz, then read on to discover tips to a calmer, healthier, happier you.

Take This Quiz

Count one point for every Yes scored.
1. You have so much to do that work is constantly whirling in your mind.
2. At night, you try to sleep but find yourself reorganizing files in your mind.
3. Your heart pounds, and most days you rush through lunch or forget to eat.
4. You’re often faced with an angry or distant husband or partner.
5. You can’t concentrate on what people are saying to you
6. You have no time to exercise and your waistline is expanding.
7. You feel driven but not very happy.

* 1- 2 Yeses- You’re just a little overworked right now. Cut back on the amount of commitments.
* 3 - 5 - You’re having trouble coping and need to find time for you, and get organized.
* 6- 7 - You are The Harried Business Woman and are heading for sick days. You need to find ways to reduce your stress levels such as practicing relaxation techniques.

So What’s Wrong with Being Work Focused?
Isn’t that what gives you the raise and the promotion? There’s a better way, a calmer way to work; to better approach problems, to be confident, organized and truly excited by a day’s work.

The Better Way
Be Calm Like a Buddha
It starts with a decision to be: 1. calm 2. focused, as a key to your success. A person can truly only do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking does not add speed but keeps your focus divided and weak. Right now take a deep breath through your nose and breathe out slowly. Repeat three times. Visualize yourself as a calm, happy person. Allow your mouth to turn up in a smile. In your mind’s eye, see yourself working in a relaxed fashion, without fear, feeling a distinct sense of worth.

Priority Tasks
On a piece of paper make a list of all the tasks you’re working on right now. Take each task and give it its own piece of paper with a title. Note the deadlines (intermediate ones and final). Now for the priority task, write down the steps that you need to take to complete it. If you don’t know what is the priority task, ask for clarification. Get out your organizer. In the week’s spaces allot the numbers of working hours in blocks--two or three hours to spend time on this project; to get more information, time to write, time to read or research, time to have meetings with others. Be flexible and change your schedule if you must. People who plan get more work done than people who do not, even if distractions arise.

Change Tasks
Instead of working on one task all day, change tasks to feel energized. This also helps you feel you’re getting your work done. Another deep breath in and out between tasks focuses attention and serves as a mini-break.

Take a Brisk Walk
To further energize, block out 15 minutes a day for a brisk walk. Too busy? Just do it-- even if it’s a walk in the hallways or around the block. This short break allows oxygen to circulate to your brain, burns calories and helps reduce stress.

Build Fun Into Your Day
Read a joke or two that comes through your email box. Go to a fun place for lunch with a colleague or friend and don’t talk about work. Laugh about something in your day, even if it’s your messy desk. Laughter raises immunity--you won’t get sick as often and your coping skills will improve. Laughter let’s us know that there is hope and light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Take Time with Family
If you ignore it, it will go away. Go home from work at a reasonable hour and don’t spend the entire evening working at your computer. Cramming for deadlines far into the night are often the result of poor planning. Rename the deadline, the Victory Line for a healthier attitude. Make sure you connect with people who matter to you. Listen, catch up with the day’s events to strengthen bonds. For added insight on this subject, check out the book “The Hurried Woman Syndrome” By Brent W. Bost, MD.

You are calm; you have a purpose; you feel useful; you’re in control--positive steps towards a better way to work and live. The Harried Business Person?--a distant memory of how you lived, not who you are.


12 Yr. Speaker, member of CAPS and NSA, Wellness & Nutritional Consultant and Humourist, Rosalie Moscoe helps Staffs of organizations internationally, who want to Reduce Stress, Boost Morale and Increase Health and Productivity. She motivates harried individuals to reclaim their health and well being so they can add more value not only to their organizations but also to their families, communities and to themselves.
Author of video and audio “Less Stress: More Success ”, audio “Food & Mood: A Love/Hate Relationship”, she offers free help through her monthly ezine, “Health in Harmony News”, posted articles at Ph. 416.653.0077 or 877.653.0077

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12 Yr. Speaker, Wellness & Nutritional Consultant, Humourist, Rosalie Moscoe helps members of organizations internationally to Reduce Stress, Boost Morale and Increase Health and Productivity. She motivates harried individuals to reclaim their health and well being –adding more value to their organizations, families, communities and to themselves.