Yesterday I was talking to a client who is struggling in her business. She has skill, experience and amazing wisdom and yet she admits she is piddling around. I asked her what she thinks is holding her back. With a huge sigh of frustration she was quick to admit this:

"I am having trouble stepping into my Magnificence!"

Does that statement strike a chord with you too? I work with so many people who stand right at the edge of their own brilliance terrified to take the step that would propel them into the success and wealth they long for. They know that oceans of possibilities are waiting for them and yet they hit a wall and feel paralyzed.

Taking deliberate steps to fulfill our dreams often feels like we are putting everything at risk. Especially when we leap without clarity and action plans that inspire us.

What do most people do that you don't want to do anymore? They step up to the edge determined to give their gifts, they begin to feel uncomfortable, insecure and shaky and then they retreat back into their comfort zone. They have many "good reasons" for stopping the process. For a short time they feel relieved with their decision to pull back. But those good reasons and that relieved feeling do not last. When the pain of not living their true purpose becomes unbearable again they gather their courage and step up to the edge once more time. This cycle repeats endlessly without change or breakthrough.

Without a mindset geared for happiness, and without solid support, we all flounder under such stress.

Enough already! There is a way out of this loop of discontent. And there are answers that help us break this cycle so that instead of falling back and sinking we fly and soar instead.

Anyone who succeeds in business has found the clarity and uncovered the confidence to do just that. What are they doing that we can do also?

One of the first things aware entrepreneurs do is they get into the drivers seat of their own lives. And they willingly lead their own businesses. Instead of waiting for signs to they uncover their real purpose and passions and fuel their dreams with positive energy.

It take great courage to admit that the stories of failure and defeat we run through our heads are not true about us - unless we allow them to be true.

I don't need to tell you which of the following statements are "sinking thoughts" and which are "soaring truths." Try them on and you will quickly feel which thoughts empower you and which undermine you.

Who am I to do something Amazing? vs.
Everyone is Amazing with unique gifts to share and that includes me!

I don't know how to do it. Vs.
It is not my job to know "how" I only need to know what I want and allow the Universe to guide me.

I am not sure if I can do it. Vs.
I trust that I am connected to the Universal wisdom and love that I need to accomplish my dreams and manifest my visions.

It is so hard Vs.
I am willing to relax and let it be easy

I have to do it all alone. Vs.
I let other people help me.

Life is short and precious. You have something significant to offer that will bring you and others immense pleasure. Be your best self, let others help you and trust the Universe is on your side. Your happiness, success and wealth depend upon it.

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