What if a recruiter called you today? Would you be ready to jump on the opportunity she offers you? If not, you could lose the chance to better your career, as jobs go FAST in this competitive market. If you are going to be “Resume Ready” you have to keep your resume up-to-the-minute.

Always check your resume once a year. Since you will always want to talk about your current job, add the new results and accomplishments you’ve achieved during the year. Try to shoot for adding two new bullets, at least. Then, when you go to a professional to update the whole resume, you’re already up to date.

Another way to track your achievements is to keep a running list of your work accomplishments. You’d be surprised how many things you’ll forget if you don’t write them down.

Update your resume and cover letter when you have changed your focus. For example, if you are a Senior Accountant but now want to apply for CFO jobs, it’s time to update your skills and include more of your leadership talents.

Get ready for company layoffs if you see the handwriting on the wall. Don’t delay tetting yourself ready to hit the job market running. Your resume and cover letter should be ready to use immediately. And don’t delay preparing your resume if you are feeling dissatisfied in your job.

It’s time to take stock of yourself NOW and a resume is the best tool you have for clarifying your work goals and responsibilities. Remember, too, your resume is your first tool in your job search.

Author's Bio: 

Stefanie Spikell, owner of two companies, Expert Resumes and Clear Communications Business Consulting, is a noted business/careers coach, management consultant and resume writer. In her 20-year career, she has managed marketing communications departments for major engineering firms, taught at the university level, published hundreds of business-related reports and articles, and written thousands of winning resumes. She can be reached at www.ExpertResumeWriter.com