Do you rarely take risks? Do you try to avoid making mistakes at all costs? Do you tend to follow the rules? If you answered yes to these questions you can be sure that you are keeping your self stuck in your own "comfort zone". Comfort Zones tend to be comfortable for a while but if we stay there too long our comfort zone becomes a trap. The comfort zone trap keeps us stuck, feeling unfulfilled, and irritable.

I had the pleasure to spend time with Kendra Todd, a remarkable woman who was the 1st woman to be hired by Donald Trump, on the hit TV show, The Apprentice. Kendra has made a fortune by taking risks. She currently owns 2 real estate companies and she's still in her 20's! I was very impressed with Kendra's "book smarts" and her "street smarts". Here are 3 Rules of Risk so you can get out of your comfort zone and make more money, be more fulfilled and live life on "purpose".

Rule of Risk #1
Those who will not risk end up producing wealth for others rather than themselves!

Rule of Risk #2
If you are not making mistakes, you are not taking sufficient risk

Rule of Risk #3
Taking a calculated risk is often the best way to create wealth. Be on the lookout for "risks" (which could be re-defined as new opportunities) Follow the "tug" of your own energy. What are you drawn to? Is it owning your own Starbucks Coffee House? Learning more about buying and reselling real estate? Becoming a successful investor or selling herbals from the Amazon Rainforest? What speaks to you? Pay close attention. Wake up and get out of your rut. It's not really as comfortable as you think. Stagnation, inertia and boredom with your life circumstances carry a very high price- the quality of your life! As Kendra's book title suggests- Risk and Grow Rich- Why not?!

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