Are you prone to stress?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to take life’s little upsets in stride while others stay constantly wound up?

- Do you worry that there is never enough time to get everything done?
- Do you hate to stand in line and always feel rushed?
- Do you worry about what people think? Do you go over how you looked, acted, sounded? Do you rerun the conversations in your head?
- Are you over-scheduled? Do you take on more than you
can do?
- Are you quick to criticize what you have accomplished as not being not good enough or inadequate in some way?
- Are you a horn-honker when the car in front of you hasn’t pulled away quickly enough at a traffic light?
- Do you get upset if your meeting has been re-scheduled, if people are late to the meetings?
- Are you becoming a slave to the cell phone, Blackberry, and the computer?
- Do you find it difficult to shut off all your thoughts
when you need to sleep?
- Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do and not enough time?
- Do you find it hard to be patient and attentive to your loved ones?
- Do you find yourself often distracted and have difficulty concentrating?
- Do you find there is never time for yourself?
- Are you always worrying about something?

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, chances are that stress has become a way of life for you.

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Rhonda Rabow is a psychotherapist, counsellor, author, speaker, and expert in psychology and self-empowerment. Visit her online at or