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Are you programmed when it comes to your aches/pains/illnesses?


How can you tell what programming you have in your unconscious mind?

That's easy. Just look around your life and see what has manifested. If it's happening -- if you've manifested aches/pains/illnesses -- you have a program in your mind that says it should happen, it should manifest.

For instance, do you get sick often and easily, do you hurt yourself easily? If you do, then that's in your programming.

Don't blame yourself for how you are programmed. Just read on and learn. This knowledge can change your life.

You did not choose your programming. I repeat, you did not choose your programming. You must accept that before you can change.

Your life basically boils down to this: What you are is a culmination of the people or situations you came into contact with when you were young and just beginning to "program" your life. NOTE: It might not have been a person you actually know who programmed you in some things. It could have been a favorite TV show, radio personality, an idol of some sort, whatever.

But, guess what. You're not in that vulnerable stage so much anymore. Now, you can make your own mature decisions. You can now take charge of your life. When you look at something, or think about something, now, you realize that nothing is actually good or bad, but thinking makes it so. What does this do? It gives you a chance to examine what you are letting into your life!

Now, there will be more times than not that you realize, "I can let this go. This illness, this anger, this judgment, isn't what I want in my programming." And then, let it go.

You need to let the untruthful programs come to conscious awareness, then dissolve. This means that you have to think about them without resistance, check it out, and make the decision to keep it, or to let it go. If it's something you used to hate, don't jump up and down and get all bothered with it -- let it go. If you get angry with it, you are keeping it. Let it go.

Do you feel you have to "be in control" of everything? Well, then, feel the peace of "being in control" by making the decision to let it go. Have this be your thought pattern, "Let it go. Feel the peace. Let it go. Feel the peace. Let it go. Feel the peace."

Once you learn to do that, you are releasing blockages that have made you susceptible to aches/pains/illnesses. You have taken control of your life.

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