A lot of internet marketing newbie started their online business by joining affiliate programs. If you are one of them, you need to know if you are making these mistakes.

Let's say you already have the perfect affiliate program that matches your interests and skills and the merchant even provide you all the necessary marketing materials to promote your affiliate link. All you need to do now is to get people to buy your stuff.

But to the contrary of what the merchant told you, the conversion is not as high as what the merchant is receiving. And before you start suspecting the quality of the product and the merchant's promise, you need to look at the following tips

1. Never advertise the affiliate program directly

Your visitors seldom download the product immediately and this is normal for a buying process. Even you will need more convincing proof before you invest into a $47 ebook.

That is why you need to get your visitors to join your list before you expose them to the affiliate program. The merchants won't mind you do that and your visitors certainly won't mind revealing their details to you if you offer something beneficial to them.

2. Give something free and valuable

This is one of the fatal internet marketing mistakes that some newbie are making. Somehow, they are just reluctant to give anything out for free.

But know this, you need to first give before you can receive any profit from your visitors.

And it is easy to give away valuable thing. Be it a compact report you have written or other internet marketers' product that you have rights to distribute.

3. Fair trade

Before you reveal any valuable information to your visitors, you need to get your visitor's details for further contact.

This might sound a little bit stingy but as an internet marketer, you need to warrant your profit to pay for any investment to build your internet marketing business. So, you need to make sure your free material is indeed valuable for a fair trade.

4. Build relationship

If the information you provided is helpful, then you will start to build relationship with your list members. They are going to read your emails because you help them to avoid the possible online marketing mistakes.

5. Harvest from the relationship

Most people buy from a trustworthy source. Since you have shown that you are a sincere and helpful person, your list members are most likely going to trust your recommendation and download the product.

It does sound like a lot of work to earn your online income but remember this, you are trying to make a long term and a boss free career. It will involve work.

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