I’m sure you’ve heard how our thoughts become things? We’re taught we should not only think happy thoughts, but also FEEL the joy from our thoughts, and that’s how they manifest in our life. Since thoughts, in an untrained mind, can often appear random, sometimes it seems we don’t have any control over them.

I’ve often thought how cool it would be to wear a “thought monitor” that would buzz when I’m thinking thoughts that are less than optimal, to gently remind me to change that thought and return to the greatness that I am. Why not? If we can have things like radar detectors that can monitor when we’re about to be caught speeding, or GPS that keeps us on course, why not something for us that maintains our speed and keeps us on course?

Recently I had the honor of meeting two of our Inspirational Luminaries, Debbie Rozman and Howard Martin, from the HeartMath Institute and one of their scientists, Roland. They were very kind in introducing me to their coherence monitor, the EmWave. This little machine blows me away! It was designed to measure when we’re in “coherence”.

As I understand it, we all have heartbeats that we measure in beats per minute, and the number changes based on what activity we’re doing. However, it’s the length of the spaces between the heartbeats that are measured by the EmWave device. When the periods of time between the heartbeats are steady and consistent, we are in a state of coherence where greater possibilities can occur. When they are sporadic, we are scattered, less productive and stressed.

By clipping a small plastic clip on my earlobe, their little device was actually able to read the spaces between my heartbeats and tell me what state my body was in. I was given a monitoring device, smaller than my cell phone, complete with lights and sounds. The main light starts out red, which is the normal state, which depicts non-coherent spaces between the beats. As you focus your mind through thoughts, breath and feelings, your coherence level improves and the light turns to blue. As you progress even further the light turns green, showing that you are in a state of coherence- from which powerful things can manifest.

On the flight home from California, I decided to try this out. It only took a few minutes to get into the green state and I was feeling pretty powerful. Of course I was only on level one, but hey, we all have to start somewhere, right? So, here’s the deal. I was thinking and feeling deep, wonderful, “Yeehaa” thoughts and the light was green. Then I’d get lazy and just allow a thought into my mind, unconsciously, and the light would diminish to blue and if I didn’t catch it soon enough, I’d be back in the red zone.

I was able to maintain it in the green zone for quite some time, so I decided to experiment. I started thinking of a time in my past where money was tight, bills were late and things weren’t going the way I wanted them too. Within 4 breaths I went from green to red- just like that! How cool is this?! It also works the other way too. I could picture my husband’s smiling face on our wedding day, feel such love and joy, and be back to bright green in just 4 breaths too.

Now here’s where I started to really have fun with it. I had a decision that I’d been trying to make for a week in reference to two potential new independent contractors. Logic was telling me one thing, but my heart was telling me another. In this case, I brought the first person into my mind and went through all of their great qualities in my mind, complete with emotion, and the light remained red. I then brought the second person into my mind and again reviewed all of their great qualities in my mind, and the light not only went right to green but stayed there. My choice was obvious.

The coolest part of this for me was that my “little voice” inside had a tangible way of making itself heard! This is like something out of Star Trek but yet it seems so simple. My heart knows what is and isn’t good for me and here it shows up in the spaces between the beats. I guess the magic is just in knowing where to look for the signs that can help us stay on track. And that’s what this little magic machine does. Very cool!

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