Last week while delivering an interactive diversity program at Health & Safety Canada 2007,IAPA Tadeshow and Convention the audience inspired me. How did they do it?

I'll explain how the audience inspired me. Speaking in foreign countries is great because the audience doesn't know you and it gives you an opportnity to really experiment (take risk).

I am passion about being in an electric audience, in other words I love to excite the crowd and for them to reciprocate the energy. The audience in Toronto had high energy and it transferred to me and my program.

"Inclusion Improves Your Organization's Bottom Line" is an interactive program consisting of lectures, group exercises and a high energy slide presentation. Audience members were expecting one thing, however they discover they already possessed the talent, skills, and abilities required to become more astute and knowlegeable about the difference between people of different ethnic groups and genders.

My audience inspired me to succeed and I motivated and inspired them to think outside the box because people that learn about diversity, learn about themsleves because diversity is an inside job.

The more and more I presented my audience with group exercises, the more they learnabout themselves and the more I learned about myself. There is only one question left to ask, "Are you inspiring others to succeed?"

We were born to inspire one another and it is one of the primary reasons why we were put on this earth. If you aren't inspiring others to succeed, start right now and watch how the world around you improves.

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Paul Lawrence Vann is an international motivational speaker. He is a leadership and diversity expert and author of the book, Living on Higher Ground. Paul leads organizations and individuals to maximize their human potential through his speeches, training, and consulting services. Paul works with Fortune 500 companies, associations, government agencies, and military and educational institutions. To learn more about Paul, visit: .