One of the fastest ways to start earning money on the internet is to find a great teacher who will show you the ropes. If you want to delve into internet marketing and making money online, you can definitely learn a few things from internet marketers and mavens who have walked in your shoes. People like myself (Matthew Bredel) can share how I’ve fared in trying to make money through my candid product review. A lot of people are more than willing to share information about how they’ve made money online. Mavens like Deborah Carney share their wisdom on forums like ABestWeb and at affiliate summits. Other gurus and mavens are eager to share their knowledge with budding entrepreneurs both for free and for a fee.

Find a mentor (or two!)

Instead of going it alone and having to learn through trial and error, you can hit the ground running when you start off with research and some solid and knowledgeable advice. Of course you have to develop your own system of making money online and you’ll need to make some mistakes a long the way but one of the greatest things about the internet is the sharing of information that happens. Find a few mentors to follow that are successful in your chosen niche or segment.

The power and benefit of web 2.0 for entrepreneurs

Web 2.0, aka social media, is built on the premise of sharing information with others and that can help improve your user experience as well as the online experience of others. Some people make a living by sharing information and sell information products and others like Deborah Carney make money through affiliate marketing of retail products.

Whether you want to make money through selling e-books or opening an Amazon or CJ store, you can definitely benefit through listening to some of the pros. Here are some ways you can do that:

• Subscribe to blogs of successful online personalities

• Set up Google Alerts to tell you news about your particular marketing niche

• Read publications geared to internet marketing and entrepreneurship

• Follow social media life streams of your mentors

• Read the free reports offered on their websites even if you have to opt-in to their newsletter

• Read product reviews of products before you consider buying them

• Attend trade shows, conferences, and webinars as often as you can.

Through listening to others (even if you choose to follow several gurus instead of putting all your trust in one) can definitely help you succeed faster and make fewer errors in judgement. There’s a wide web of money making opportunities and by finding yourself a mentor or two, you can shorten the learning cycle and some of the investments you make are time which can pay off and some of the financial investments you make could be tax deductible, and could have a huge return on investment! Once you’re successful in your online earning efforts you might choose to find a protégé to help out as well as pay it forward.

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If you want to make money online you should consider following a guru or two in order to shorten your learning curve. Check out Matthew Bredel’s TheWebReviewer where you can learn about money making programs from many successful online entrepreneurs including successful men and women in internet marketing such as Deborah Carney, Rhea Perry and others.