Is this the year you will attract your prince? Or instead, will you attract frogs?

This can be the year that you meet “Mr. Right”. If you haven’t done so, NOW is the time to set the spiritual and energetic foundation for achieving your dream marriage.

With every year that passes, the energies of the Earth are polarizing. The dark is getting darker, and the light is getting lighter. In keeping with the universal law of balance or homeostasis, the degree and level of darkness is always balanced with a commensurate and opposite degree and level of light. I have noticed this more than ever in the last year. Have you?

As the spiritual light is increasing and the frequencies of the earth are sustaining more and more light, it is easier than ever to embrace that light, and to create what you want in joy, with gracefully and easily. This is not just new age quantum physics mumbo-jumbo, but the real authentic, honest-to-goodness effect of the changes occurring on a planetary level, as a result of the millennial age in which we live. The very Earth herself, in consort with the Heavens wants to assist you to get into the Joy Cycle and create your dream marriage this year.

By the same token, darkness, pain and struggle, especially relationship pain and struggle, is also easier and quicker than ever to bring into physical form. Which will you choose? And more importantly, how do you do that?

The Law of the Harvest

The Law of the Harvest states that whatever we focus on expands, or whatever we send out comes back to us multiplied. The Law of the Harvest or Cause and Effect is ALWAYS working. There are no exceptions; the Law of the Harvest is continually in effect. The Law of the Harvest or Cause and Effect is ALWAYS working! For every person on the planet, including you, every single moment of every single day, the Law of the Harvest is as universal as the Law of Gravity.

When you really comprehend this principle and catch the vision of its power and impact in your life and relationships, you in that moment, will begin to change your life.

The Creative Power of Your Thoughts

It begins, not surprisingly, with your thoughts. Thought is the beginning of creation. Gain conscious control and intentional direction of your thoughts, and you engage the universal process of creation. The process of creation is a natural process, governed by eternal, universal law; and you can learn how to master it. In fact, one of the fundamental reasons we came to this dimension is to learn this (some same remember) in our physical bodies – to teach our physical bodies what our Spirits already know.

Until you understand the process of creation, the world you live in may seem random, as if events and relationships are happening to you, coming from some source outside of you. What is really the case is that either you are not aware of your thoughts and the power they exert in your creations, (especially your unconscious beliefs, or what many call tribal beliefs), you have so much unreleased trapped trauma and/or limiting beliefs that you are unable to focus emotionally, and thereby direct energy in the way you consciously choose in the physical dimension, or you have not achieved conscious mastery and direction of your thoughts.

Thought directs the limitless, unformed pool of energy in the Universe. Your thoughts have organizing and directing power, giving the energy of the universe a plan or blueprint, if you will, for organizing your experiences in the physical dimension. This means, there are no accidents. Everything that happens in our lives, happens because on some level, conscious or not, we co-created that experience, by directing energy in cooperation with others that were literally on the “same wavelength” as us.

That concept to some may seem discouraging, but to me it is liberating, and when you comprehend the Law of Cause and Effect, it can be to you too. It implies that if I can unconsciously create what I DON’T want, then I can consciously create what I DO want instead!

After accepting the truth of the Law of the Harvest, the next step is to become conscious. Become aware of your thoughts. Wake up. Choose to step out of the unconscious trance-like state that so many spend most of their lives in, and step in to conscious awareness.

What do you think about all the time? What repetitive thoughts, beliefs and feelings go around and around in your brain, and body/mind system? It is easy to see what they are by looking at the results in your life.

What are you experiencing in your relationships? Are you attracting those frogs, or have you attracted Mr. Right?

Step back three steps and imagine you were someone else, and look at your life and relationships from that vantage point- what do you see? Are you pleased? Do you feel satisfied, happy and content? Are you thriving in your relationship? If not, then make this year, the year that you begin!

Make a new choice today ~ choose to harness the power of creation ~ begin to take conscious control of your thoughts. You will find the people, situations and circumstances in your life changing.

You will be on the path to attracting your prince!

Transformational Self-care Process: Your Dream Blueprint

Begin by choosing to take the time to capture in writing what your dream is. What is your vision, your heart’s desire? In your personal relationships, (and any other area of your life), take the time to envision what your want to create. Capture it in words, and write it down - which in and of itself helps bring your vision into the physical dimension.

As you write, feel it, sense it, smell it, taste it and hear it. Make it live in present time in your physical sensations. Write what your heart and soul have been yearning to communicate to you – give those aspects of yourself expression.

Then spend 15 minutes every day, reading and feeling the experience of what you have written down. Many find it very helpful to record what they have written. Listen to your vision statement daily, while in a quiet, meditative state.

I promise you that if you will choose to consciously choose and direct your thoughts, create your vision, capture it in written form, and spend 15 minutes a day in quiet meditation on it, you will create amazing experiences and changes for yourself and in your relationships.

You will be harnessing the creative power of the Universe and bring miracles into your life.

Author's Bio: 

Debra Gordy, MS MRET is a Transformational Relationship Therapist.

Creator of "Happily Ever After!, the Divorced Woman's Program for Healing Relationship Struggle and Creating the Marriage of Your Dreams", she specializes in assisting divorced women to end their relationship problems, heal their broken hearts, and create a new foundation for a happy, successful marriage.

Debra's book, "Cinderella Wisdom ~ Five Secrets for Creating Your Dream Marriage in the Real World" will be published later this year.