We are all basically alike in our desires and capacities. There is not too great a difference in our abilities. Because there is not much foundational difference in people, we could theoretically assume everyone should progress at the same rate of speed. However, in practice this is just not true.

In abilities -- we are alike;
in results -- we differ.

Some forge ahead, some maintain the status quo, and others drop out and stand on the curb of complacency to watch the Parade of Life go by.

Plodding through banal, meaningless tasks that leave no sense of elation or fulfillment....
The sameness of days, nights, people, self...
This is the course of days that compose life as many know it.

Are you an average person; No, you are not!

You are not because you realize that you do not have to conform to the mediocrity of the masses. You have discovered that the real difference in people is the way they apply the abilities they possess. Though application and use, capabilities are enlarged. Desire is given direction in reaching out and possessing the prizes life offers to those who diligently see.

Do not conform to mediocrity,
seek, seek, seek....

Author's Bio: 

Generating over 100 million dollars in three years was the easy part for the eighth grade drop-out. Surviving the "success" was hard. The government spent over twenty years and millions of dollars trying to control him; finally, they set him up.

Now, after five years in prison, Glenn reflects on his roller-coaster life and tells at last, "The Whole Story". He introduces his new, comprehensive "Total LifePower" philosophy and offers hope to anyone emerging from adversity. Anything is possible with the power and knowledge of life!!

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