Imagine a stream running gently through all of creation. It surges in places moving faster with more excitement and then slows to a serene place now and again. The current of this stream is filled with all manner of gifts, blessings, good feelings, exciting times and wonderful people to interact with.

This is the stream of well being. It really does flow, and it flows all the time.
The real question is whether or not you are in flow with it or struggling and fighting to move upstream of it’s energy.

The well being stream is always flowing, bringing with it all manner of good things. It never stops, it never ceases to be filled with delightful offerings of every wonderful think humans can imagine.

Why is it then that so many don’t enjoy these wonders of creation?

The answer is simple. We all have a choice of how we create and experience our life. We can get in the stream of well being and load up on good feelings, wonderful happenings and joyful experiences or we can struggle and fight thinking that life is hard and must be forced into compliance in order for us to succeed.

You can quickly and easily discern whether or not you are allowing the stream of well being by simply being aware of how you are feeling right now.

If you feel good, excited, hopeful, blissful then you are in allowing mode.
If you feel sad, fearful, stressed, worried, sick.. then you are not allowing.

That’s simple. It’s easy to know in any instant whether are not you are allowing well being to flow in your life and whether or not you are going with the flow simply by taking note of your feelings.

Understanding this allows you to now move into a shift in your vibration, your attraction factor mode.
When you are allowing you are attracting more to feel good about, more joy to experience.

When you are not allowing, when you are blocking the stream of well being in your life experience you continue to attract, only you attract more that you really don’t enjoy and don’t want.

You say yes all the time, you never really say no. There is not a No where attraction is concerned.

When you see or think of something that you really want to experience and you feel really good and excited about it.. shouting out YES with your energy.. the Universe complies and begins bringing those things to you.

The principle works the same when you begin to worry, stress and feel fearful about something. You are filled with a big, passionate energy and the NO you are screaming serves as a YES>>> a very powerful yes.. and Source Energy complies and sets things in motion for more of similar energy experiences to appear in your life.

When you will allow yourself to be aware of how you are feeling.. you will be able to steer the ship which is your life experience in the direction the stream of well being is flowing.
It’s simple, easy and often missed because we believe that life has to be hard.
You get what you say is true.. you get what you feel is true.. you get what you passionately say yes or no to.

Choose whether you wish to flow easily in the stream of well being and enjoy the ride or resist and struggle. The choice is always your.

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Donna DeVane is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, author and teacher. Her passion is helping others to live empowered lives. To learn more about her and her work visit her websites: and