There are many digital products available on the Internet today; ebooks, audio files, video, etc. Digital products represent a very large market on the Internet; billions of dollars in sales are transacted every year.

These products are not tangible, that is, you cannot touch, hold, see, or feel them. They exist only as a file on your computer. Many business owners add a picture of what the product would look like if it were a tangible item. This representation is called an ecover.

But is an ecover really necessary? Although it is not an absolute necessity, a good ecover will dramatically increase sales. If you don’t believe me, consider all of those catalogs that you get in the mail. They are filled with pretty pictures of the products they carry. The use of pictures significantly increases the number of sales they generate.

Still not convinced? Consider this example; Let’s say that you are interested in buying a coat online. You go to the Coats Galore online website and look at a number of possible candidates. Listed among the coats for sale is an entry without a picture. The written description says that the coat is made of blue wool, has a zipper down the front, and comes with a hood. If the price was similar to other coats, do you think that you would buy it? Probably not. They would sell very few of these coats without a picture.

That is why it is recommended that you use an ecover. People want to see what they are buying. It provides a level of comfort even though they know that it is only a representation of what they are buying. A good ecover will significantly increase sales, so make sure you add a good ecover when selling your digital products.

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