Numerous bodybuilders pursue weight lifting to enhance self confidence levels, with some being overweight and needing both muscle gain and fat loss, while many others begin the process significantly below what they feel is a comfortable body weight, and because they consider themselves to be excessively thin, decide to pursue bodybuilding with the hopes of naturally rectifying this unwanted trait. The first place they visit for advice are either bodybuilding magazines or Internet web sites that offer weight gain diet techniques, and the feeling is, by following such eating strategies when combined with intense weight lifting, the body will begin to systematically gain weight, and appearance will greatly improve.

The flaw in such thinking is that many variables are necessary in constructing an effective muscle building routine, and when a weight lifter aims to gain weight, he or she is not seeking a larger waistline or a second chin, but rather lean muscle gains, which improve appearance and enhance body weight, accomplishing both goals simultaneously. Although most weight gain diet strategies are designed to accomplish their stated goal, which is to increase body weight, many accept this as a sign that such a plan is worth pursuing, but doing so fails to consider that the type of weight gained may be undesirable. A bodybuilding strategy can easily produce more body fat increase than muscle gain if designed improperly, and because of this, the term "weight gain diet" can easily refer to rapid, unnecessary and unwanted body fat increase.

Unfortunately, many bodybuilders are not aware of this fact, and pursue common bodybuilding weight gain diet strategies blindly, believing that such routines will lead to improved self confidence. Yet, in reality, they find that although the scale increases regularly, mirror appearance begins to worsen as the body accumulates massive amounts of fat, which is diametrically opposed to achieving bodybuilding caliber results. Despite this fact, many bodybuilders continue to follow such weight gain diet tactics, believing that if they remain persistent, their goals will become a reality, and if the scale continues to note progress, there is no need to change direction.

But after several months of such flawed weight gain diet practice, a bodybuilder will begin to feel the sense that he or she is unappealing physically, but for a far different reason, as body fat levels have hidden newly built muscle, and eliminated all definition, creating a physique that is far from aesthetically pleasing. If a bodybuilder continues to believe that he or she must weigh a certain amount to have achieved success, then body fat will remain, and the goal of developing a pleasing physical appearance will essentially become impossible, unless the bodybuilder's diet routine changes dramatically.

The most important point to remember is that common weight gain diet plans overload the body with carbohydrates, causing a surge in body fat percentage, instead of properly balancing protein, carbohydrates and fat for sustained muscle gain, without rapid expansion of body fat levels. In many cases, body fat will need to rise as muscle is gained, since many metabolisms cannot increase muscle mass without some fat accumulation, but common weight gain diet techniques encourage the greatest amount of fat gain, as opposed to providing a balanced approach that offers consistent muscle building, while minimizing body fat increases. The more body fat that is accumulated during the weight gain process, the longer a bodybuilder must waste burning fat in the future, and the easier he or she will regain that body fat due to conditioning fat cells to accept a far higher level of body fat than otherwise would have been possible when following a properly designed bodybuilding weight gain diet strategy.

So, when attempting to rectify a thin frame, remember that the goal is to produce lean muscle gains and minimize body fat levels, which requires avoiding common weight gain diet advice which you will find plastered on the covers of bodybuilding magazines, and instead balance nutrients properly so that the body can receive sufficient food for consistent muscle gains, without the accompanying body fat intrusion. The worst possible scenario for a bodybuilder is to spend much time attempting to build muscle, while following a flawed weight gain diet strategy that causes body fat to encompass the vast majority of weight gained, so make sure to consider the importance of a correctly designed weight gain diet plan prior to embarking on a bodybuilding quest.

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