Until you accept full responsibility for your current conditions you'll use excuses, blame others, and complain about your lack of success. None of those habits and behaviors move you closer to success. They only take you farther away from success, and they do so rapidly.

Whether you like your current situation or hate your current situation you have yourself to thank. When you realize that you created whatever your experiencing now you can take responsibility for changing it. And you will make those changes through your plans and actions.

There is something good and something that could be better in every circumstance. But most people never take the time to examine their role in what they’re getting. It’s just easier to blame someone else or make excuses for your own poor performance.

When customers don’t buy you blame them saying their just stupid for not seeing the value you offer, or that their cheap, or that the competition is steeling them. But when customers don’t buy they don’t buy because: you don’t know how to market your solution, you haven’t created the value that is greater than the money you’re asking for in exchange, and you don’t stand out as the clear choice. And the same is true if you’re an employee who didn’t get the raise or promotion you wanted. You didn’t get it because: you didn’t know how to position yourself as being more valuable than your current salary, you didn’t demonstrate that you create additional value not only in what you do but in how you help others to do their job better, and you didn’t stand out as clearly worthy of the raise or promotion.

What’s right with the current situation? There is always something good about a current situation that you can make even better or apply to your future plans. Build on the strengths you have to take you where you want to be.

What result don’t you like and how can you adapt to get the result you want. In most cases you don’t need to scrap everything, but you do need to change some things about the way you’re behaving and the actions you’re taking now. And speaking of actions…

Don’t bother yourself about what anyone else is or isn’t doing. You can’t control the actions or inactions of others so stop trying to. Your success hinges on the actions you, and only you do or don’t take.

Because you control your results and your destiny you have to take actions, and you have to stop allowing yourself to make excuses. Excuses are just self-defeating drivel. Excuses are what you can expect from little children because they haven’t yet learned that they’re responsible for themselves, not an adult like you. So stop complaining, stop making excuses, stop blaming anyone or anything else and start taking full responsibility for getting different results. Your only competition is you, time, and resources so look within yourself for the success you want develop solid plans and implement those plans through daily action.

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