What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

In today’s society of successful people, there is a lot of talk about goals and the importance of goal setting. Yet for many, there is no real understanding of the most important part of taking the thought of a goal and carrying it to a successful end result. Statistics show that 95 percent of North Americans never write down their goals and that of the 5 percent who do, 95 percent never take it to completion.

Just as with so many things, there must be an unshakable foundation, a place that an idea can go from being just that to becoming a reality, a truth in your life. The foundation that supports the growth of any idea is founded in your desired goal by your attitude, desire, and belief. Life exposes us to many negative influences that create pessimistic, disbelieving attitudes. This forms a weak and unreliable foundation, the base supporting your life choices. When you free up your mind of all the negative self-talk that has been playing in the background, you begin rebuilding your foundation.

In other words, you sabotage your goals simply by allowing your mind to continually play a negative thought recording over and over. When you hear yourself saying things like “I could never do that” or “people like me are never successful,” you lead the orchestra of a million and one excuses as to why you cannot succeed, and it is time to change the recording—it is time to build a new foundation. You create who you are and what you are to become simply with the thoughts that you think.

The strongest emotion leading your mind to create disbelieving, pessimistic thoughts is fear. Fear is tricky because it has so many faces; you are looking at fear when you see yourself failing, if you see yourself creating reasons as to why you cannot make changes in your life, and the list goes on and on. The greatest fear is fear itself. If you find that the fear of failing is an obstacle, a stumbling block in creating your desired life, it is time to get it out of the way. The first step in the process is removing the thought that there is such a thing as failure. The people known for their great works understand a truth: that what many of us see as a failure is life leaving us room for growth. Without mistakes, how could any of us ever learn to reach for better? We would never see the better and greater things inside of us waiting to be found. Thomas A. Edison once stated that he never failed at any of his attempts to create the incandescent light bulb but that he did find 10,000 ways not to.

The steps below, when put into practice, have very positive results in the area of eliminating the fear of failing.

1. Persist. Never give up; many people give up when they are right on the edge of succeeding. Try different approaches to reaching your desired outcome until you find the right one.

2. Take action. To overcome fear, you must take action; the bolder the action, the greater the proof you offer your mind that you will not allow your fear to hold you back.

3. What could you do differently? When you see that you are not getting the results that you want, review the steps that you took to see if there was anything you could have done differently.

4. Always look at every event as an opportunity. If you look for the value in every event in life, it will benefit you in a positive way. Learn from it, and use it for improvement.

5. Never internalize a failure. Failure is not a personality trait, it is a result. Recognize the mistakes that were made and move forward.

6. Do not beat yourself up. Every great and successful person throughout history has made mistakes. Some of the biggest mistakes have produced some of the greatest successes.
Remember that failure is only a state of mind; see it as a challenge from which greater opportunities are born.

The second greatest emotion that many struggle with when striving to reach a goal comes in the form of doubt. A person’s self-doubt leads to the loss of many dreams. If you find that this is true for you, then you need to ask yourself, “How committed am I to doing whatever it takes to reach my desired goal?” Do you hear yourself arguing with yourself in conversations, such as “I am positive that this is something I would be good at, I’m sure I can do it,” and then you reply with “I don’t know what I was thinking, that is totally out of my range, I could never do something like that”? This is the self-banter of a self-doubting person, and this form of self-talk is one of the leading causes for “Lack-of-Goal-Reach-itis,” a not so rare disease resulting in a lack of self-confidence.

The manner in which you mentally talk to yourself has tremendous impact on your performance. Feed your mind a diet enriched with strengthening beliefs, just as you feed your body a healthy diet to have it perform with strength. The diet of positive beliefs is filled with “I know I cans” and “I can do anythings.” Reinforce your abilities with positive thoughts by focusing on the things that you see as your greatest attributes and skills, and spend time strengthening those skills. Simply by taking positive actions that are targeted at specific areas of your life, you will begin to see your confidence in your abilities rising with each new achievement.

I have listed some steps that, when put into practice, have very positive results in eliminating self-doubt.

1. Rid your mind of all negative self-talk. When you hear your mind filling up with doubt, review your reasons for wanting to reach your goal and how it can be possible.

2. Never allow others’ disbelief in you to affect your belief in yourself.

3. Always review your plan for reaching your goal and establish achievable strategies. Be sure that you are spending time daily reviewing your goal plan and taking steps to ensure its achievability.

4. Keep track of your achievements by recording everything you are doing that is bringing you closer to reaching your goal. Review your strategy plan and remind yourself how much closer you are rather than focusing on how far you still need to go.

5. Review the qualities you possess right now that support you in reaching your goal. Are there any areas that have room for improvement? A new skill will only add to your life of successes. We are meant to grow rather than stagnate.

All goals are reachable once you form a deep belief in yourself. Use the power of a strong positive attitude, a clearly defined desire, and an unshakable self-belief in your abilities to be all that you can be. Remember: All things are possible.

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