Let’s talk about addiction…and more importantly, healing addiction. Whatever the addiction is, I recommend working with Archangel Raphael to heal the pattern in you that creates the addictive behavior. Archangel Raphael is the Angel that we can call on to help us heal cravings and addictions. Raphael works with us to heal the real issues that we are trying to mask with the addiction. Many people step into addiction due to stress and worry from our everyday lives. Invite Archangel Raphael and his beautiful emerald green energy in to flow through and surround your body...healing you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level...all for your highest good!
An example of Raphael’s power lies in personal experience I had several years ago. I was addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. I was aware that it wasn't healthy for me to drink a 2 liter bottle of soda a day, but every time I tried to quit, I would get a massive headache. After a couple of days I was right back where I started... Sound familiar? It doesn't really matter what the addiction is, we all know this road, and have probably been down it several times...with different issues: Alcohol, food, smoking, gambling, drugs, lying, cheating....whatever! It wasn't until I was diagnosed at 27 years old with Ostepena (a precursor to Osteoporosis) that I took things seriously. It was time to do something...NOW!
I was guided to invoke Archangel Raphael for help with addictions and cravings. I figured he was only for serious problems, and my situation wasn’t serious enough. However, I kept being nudged by spirit to ask the Angels for help, and so I finally decided on a Saturday afternoon to give it a shot to see if it would really work.... To my health and wellness, it did. I had no headache, no tiredness, no craving and no desire for a soda again. Nine years later I still do not drink soda or have any desire for one!
I realize that some people may think that soda is different than smoking or drinking...but in truth...addiction is addiction is addiction. Once we ask for help, and truly mean it, the Angels will support us in it! You can want to make changes all day long, but in order for the Angels to help you, you have to invite them into your life and ask for their support with a sincere heart! Ask Raphael to surround you in his healing emerald green energy and let go of the emotional issues that keep you stuck in unhealthy behaviors! Raphael means God Heals!!

Author's Bio: 

As a loving and caring Spiritual Teacher, Sunny Dawn Johnston has helped thousands of people across the country find their inner truth. As a child, with the support of her metaphysical parents, Sunny was given the opportunity to find her own truth, beliefs, and life path. She was a gifted child and has since devoted her life to the enhancement of her spiritual gifts and to the application of these gifts with humanity.

Sunny has been featured on many local and national television and radio shows including Coast to Coast with George Noory and Good Morning Arizona. Sunny was an international radio show host as well, hosting two of her own Internet radio shows. Sunny is actively involved in the Spiritual Community and frequently conducts informational outreach work. Her workshops and seminars at Community Colleges, Borders Bookstores, City Libraries and her own Spiritual Healing Center in Glendale, Arizona are highly attended. Sunny is also very passionate about her work as an Alzheimer¹s advocate and as a Hospice Volunteer for the Twilight Brigade.

Sunny has become widely known and respected as an International Intuitive, Medium and Spiritual Teacher. As a national speaker, Sunny's dynamic methods effectively reach out to help people to help themselves by discovering that the answers are always within. She has been a keynote speaker at The Arizona Family Women’s Expo, World Angel Day and was a guest speaker at the 2007 Celebrate Your Life conference! Sunny has shared the stage with many great spiritual teachers of our time, including Wayne Dyer, James Van Praagh, Michael Beckwith and many more. She is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Certified Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, Hypnotherapist, has created 6 Guided Meditation CDs and co-authored the book Find Me.

In December 2003, Sunny founded Sunlight Alliance, a spiritual teaching and healing center in Glendale, Arizona. She felt there needed to be a spiritual center where people could go for guidance and direction and to find a support system of like-minded people. Sunlight Alliance offers classes designed to

create awareness and knowledge about a variety of spiritual subjects such as: Angel Classes, Reiki Certification, Law of Attraction, Heal Your Life, Divine Guidance, Mediumship, Intuitive Development, Death and Dying and many, many more. Sunny has also created the Sunlight Alliance Foundation, a non profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to changing the world, one person at a time, through Spiritual awareness, holistic healing and workshops to teach these modalities of healing and unconditional love.

Sunny also volunteers her time as a psychic investigator for the international organization FIND ME. This is a not-for-profit organization of Psychic, Investigative, and Canine Search & Rescue (SAR) volunteers working together to provide leads to Law Enforcement and Families of missing persons and homicide. www.findme2.com. The groups first book “Find Me”, co-authored by Sunny, was published by Red River Press in February of 2007 and is now available on her website www.sunlightalliance.com or www.sunnydawnjohnston.com

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Coast to Coast with George Noory
Intuitive Living with Therese Inzernillo
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Living your Light - weekly host – http://www.contacttalkradio.com/
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Celebrate Your Life – Scottsdale, Az Nov 2007
Parents of Murdered Children’s National Conference 2008
Edge Life Expo – Minneapolis, MN Nov. 2003, Nov. 2004, Nov. 2005, Nov. 2006 , Nov. 2008
Arizona Family Women’s Expo Phoenix, Az Guest Speaker April 2006, March 2005, Keynote April 2007
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Edge Expo – Keynote Speaker Des Moines, Iowa March 2008
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Find Me - Published in March 2007
Meet your Angel – Meditation CD (published in 2006)
Connecting with your Spirit Guide – Meditation CD (published in 2006)
Growing up Metaphysical (published in Nov 2006)
Positive Affirmations (August 2008)
Archangel Michael and Grounding Meditation (August 2008)
Prosperity Affirmations (August 2008)


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Certified Spiritual Counselor
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