When you are running late trying to finish a project at work it is not uncommon to start feeling major anxiety. Plus, the fact that a disagreeable boss may be breathing down your neck does not exactly make the day go by easier. The anxiousness of anxiety is not exactly easy to deal with and that is why many people reach for certain calming agents to minimize their "jitters." Unfortunately, one of the most common items people reach for are cigarettes and these bring with them a host of additional costs and problems that make anxiety and nervousness pale in comparison.

While it is not the intention of this article to psycho-analyse people who smoke (we'll leave such discussion to mental health professionals) it is important to note that many psychiatrists have pointed out that many people smoke as a way of curbing anxiety and stress. Often, the physical act of puffing away on a cigarette provides a calming action that allows a person to slow down and relax. But, there is a serious price to pay for such relaxation and it comes in the form of the multitude of health problems that smoking yields. While you may end up feeling a little relaxation thanks to dragging on that Winston the truth of the matter is that the carcinogens in the cigarette will give you something major to stress over later in life in the form of heart disease and respiratory problems. Because of this it becomes critical to curb one's anxiety with something that does not come with smoking related health problems and risks.

If you are looking for something to act as a substitute for a cigarette you will probably be delighted to learn than many of the substitutes are common to find. Believe it or not, one of the best substitutes for smoking is drinking water. If you start to drink full bottles of water when the urge to smoke comes over you then the pangs of smoking may decrease. There is a feeling of fullness that comes over a person when they drink water and this can often dull the sensation of smoking. This may also have the residual effect of calming anxiety as well.

While on a quit smoking quest it is a good idea to replace the smoking with a healthier choice like water, of course, water is not the only substitute that you can use. Candy and gum (hopefully of the sugar free variety) can also be used to "feed the Frankenstein" that nicotine cravings cause. Plus, gum and candy are easy to carry and can be ingested far more innocuously than water making these substitutes even easier to use than bottled water. Conversely, sometimes it is not what you take but what you don't take that can aid in curbing your nicotine cravings. If you curb your intake of caffeine then you will eliminate some of the jittery anxiety than can lead you to reaching for that pack of cigarettes. Clearly, anything that eliminates cigarettes is beneficial for one's health both mentally and physically.

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