It took me less than 3 minutes to write this list of anxiety producers and they suck, as some kids would say in todays language. You can think of some anxiety producers too. I want you to think of ways that these anxiety producers can be used to your advantage. How can stress, anxiety and panic be turned around to work for you instead of against you?Here is the list I jotted down. This is the working against you scenario.

Bills: Will I have enough money to pay everything this month?

Money: Did I make enough money to pay all the bills I have?

Illness: Am I getting ill from worry and missing work therefore losing money that I need to pay the bills?

Travel: Can I afford to travel to my new job that pays me more money so that I can pay the bills?

Kids: How will I be able to spend time with the kids if I am travelling to my better paying job?

Pregnancy: If I get pregnant will this effect my position in my new job?

Weather: When I am travelling in bad weather will I be able to get home each day to see the kids?

Pets: Who will look after the pets if we are travelling or I have to stay away from home for a few days?

Clothes: I will need new clothes for my new job and that will take money out of my budget to pay the bills.

Cars: I am travelling more because of my new job, my old car needs to be fixed and this costs money.

Relationships of all kinds: Now that there is so much stress, anxiety and panic, will my relationship survive?

Does this remind you of the nursery rhyme about the cat that swallowed the mouse that swallowed the cheese and so on?

Need I go on? You get the picture here.

If we perceive a situation as stressful, feel anxious about it and that anxiousness becomes panic, the pattern of our lives can be sent on a roller coaster ride that is never ending. We have to find ways to eliminate the cycle or if left unchecked and left to its own devices these disorders can turn into depression or a combination of mental discordance.

A good friend of mine is a Registered Practical Nurse and we got together to discuss what could be done to aid and stop the cycle of anxiety and its related disorders.

We came up with these suggestions to get everyone thinking about their own situations and in examining these situations we felt that was a good start to self-realization.

If you do not know the reasons why you feel or act the way you do, then it can be frustrating when you are looking for ways to help yourself or even telling a health professional how you are feeling.

Identify what your situation is by really being honest about the underlying feeling or situations that have occurred or are occurring now. Remember, that in many cases, you can tell yourself that the situation is only a memory and is not happening at this moment in time therefore it cannot hurt you.

Acknowledging that something has happened or is happening to you now is a good starting point to begin the recovery process.

Venting or talking to others perhaps in a group setting can help you by actually hearing yourself talk about your issues out loud. Hearing other people in the group helps you realize you are not alone in this healing process.

Do not expect to get a quick fix from the issues you have as they probably took some time to become ingrained in your subconscious mind.

We called the group setting a form of the buddy system. You may find a common thread with another person and pair up with each other. Making use of a friend who is going to a group for help just as you are can be beneficial to both parties as you become a sounding board for each other.

This also takes time because a sense of trust and familiarity has to develop. If you are in a group for anxiety it is often difficult to open up easily. If a connection is to be made it will be and you will know when and if it is in agreement with all concerned.

Family members make good buddies because you are related in blood and life. This gives you an advantage over developing a relationship with someone who has no idea of your history.

Buddy up with someone when you have to do or are about to be in an anxiety-producing situation. Gang up on the anxiety. An example might be when you go to the doctor’s office and perhaps there will be unsettling news about a test result or an upcoming surgical procedure.Having moral and physical support builds inner strength.

There is a saying that goes like this. You feel taller when someone is with you, you do not feel ground into the floor. The feelings of vulnerability are decreased therefore decreasing your anxiety, perhaps even eliminating it in this circumstance.

Identify the reasons for your anxiety. Be honest with your personal reasons . Remember, it may be a memory and cannot hurt you. Acknowledge, vent, hear, expect no quick fixes, do your emotional work, use the buddy system, build trust, use your family, gang up on anxiety, build strength, decrease and eliminate anxiety. Your recovery is waiting for you.

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