Using anxiety and panic agoraphobia chat rooms or forums is an excellent way to gain confidence and support from others in a similar position.

It's also a great way for someone to 'get their feet wet', especially for those who don't like seeking treatment or going to the doctor. A chat or forum could help convince them, opening the door for improvement.

A Stranger's Support Can Be Comforting

Support is a very important part of recovery. Support can be in many forms. Obviously, you expect support from family and friends, which is important, but support from strangers in an online chat room can have a major impact.

In fact, sometimes, the impact a stranger's support in a similar position can have on you may be bigger than support from family and friends.

This is because you may chat with someone who may be worse off than you, not just in terms of their disorder, but in other ways. And you think, "Here's a person who made progress under great difficulty. Surely I can too."

By joining a chat room and sharing, you also receive valuable tips and advice from others. You can take heart from their successes and apply it to your own position.

You may also have something to offer to others. Just because you may be hurting right now, don't underestimate your own strength and courage. You may have words of compassion for someone else, deeply touching them.

A Chat Room Can Be Fun & Educational

A chat room is also a great way to make friends, wherever they may be in the world. Who knows, when some of you recover enough, there is always the possibility of setting up a meeting, face to face!

You'll probably have to register before you can join in, but that's pretty normal. A chat room will be a good learning as well as giving experience. It can be something you look forward to, whether on a daily or weekly basis.

Remember that when you're using anxiety and panic agoraphobia chat rooms or forums, try not to take anything without first speaking with your doctor. Also, try to be familiar with the chat rules.

Here are some resources you may want to check out which could prove useful for you:

Just look around and explore or dive right in. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, all you have to do is click exit. However, try to hang in there and give it your best shot.

It's great because you have this 'wall' put up before you, and so has everyone else. There's a little bit of security in that. If you have social anxiety, this is a good way of slowly getting to know others as they encourage you.

Just be yourself. These are people who understand. These are people YOU understand. So relax and use it to the best of your ability. You may even have fun!

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