When I got up this morning I realized that my finances were in a bit of disarray.One of the causes of my anxiety is money. It is odd that I refer to the anxiety I feel as mine.

It is almost like this anxiety is a possession or perhaps a friend that I invite over to my home whenever I have a problem. Maybe my anxiety friend is one of those friends who just pops in unannounced for a cup of sugar or coffee and ends up hanging around all day causing me to not get anything done that I wanted to do that day.

Regardless of why it came today, I was thinking of ways I lose money every year by letting little things pick away at my wallet.

Here are a few of the ways I could have some more cash and then anxiety could stay away awhile longer.

I really do want to get rid of anxiety and kick it from my life because if I am going to have some more cash I do not want anxiety following me around while I am enjoying the benefits of my found money.

Everyone can find this money too and the tips are very simple.

Next time you take library books back late and you get a fine you could have had that money in your pocket. People make a habit of being late and paying penalties for many other things too. If you think of these small amounts of money compounded on a yearly basis you will begin to see all the money that is given away.

All those charges for late video, CD and DVD returns are robbing you too.

When the bills get overdue and you do not pay by the due date they tack on perhaps five dollars. Robbery, I know but that is their policy.

The bottles you put in the recycling box that could be returned for cash is money too. Remember you did pay a deposit on them in the first place.

We need to save ourselves money by buying rechargeable batteries. The reasons are obvious on that one.

We are using those digital cameras and hand held games for example. Ordinary batteries make a yummy meal for our battery driven gadgets.

Sitting down and looking at our phone plans and being more efficient with our family plans is a big way to keep that cash in our bank accounts. If all the kids have their own phones and you do too then there needs to be some organizing of the monthly costs. Some families even miss out on the discounts because they have cell phones with different providers.

If you like to have a beer now and then do not forget to return the empties.

For all you business people in the contracting world there is money to be saved when you take your pay on time discounts. Even a two percent discount at the wholesalers is a bonus for your business.

Many people do not count their change at the checkout counter and I have found that men more often than women get short-changed. Grabbing the money and shoving it in their pockets without even looking at it can be a big money loser.

Just so I do not make you any more anxiety ridden today there is only one more to tell you and that is to not waste gas by idling the car for more than three minutes. We have all shook our heads at the daily price changes at the pumps.

On a daily basis these tips do not seem to be a big deal and we have become complacent about the little things.

Add the little things up in your daily living and you may be surprised over a year how much money you have for yourself instead of giving it away.

I am sure you have some of your own suggestions to add to this list. Good for you. Keep your mind busy thinking about this and anxiety may look on to see what you are doing but it will probably stay away as you have enough to occupy you for now.

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