It is quite possible that your anxiety and stress fatigue has both a physical and emotional component. Many of us have a constant stream of chatter going on in our heads — a kind of stress implant from our earliest years — that requires a great deal of subconscious energy to manage. Learning what your private litany is — be it chants of self-criticism, despair, anger, grief, shame or fear — may be the first step toward turning down its volume and reversing the spiral of fatigue. But you won’t hear much about how to do that in conventional medical circles, where mild to moderate fatigue is often ignored and under-treated.

In the conventional view, persistent mild fatigue is usually considered a reaction to sleep-deprivation or overwork, and as such is usually treated with a prescription for a sedative. While this may allow the user to sleep for six to eight steady hours when they take it — which can do good — it does little to treat the stress-induced physiological imbalance causing the anxiety and stress fatigue.

Chronic and hidden emotional stress takes a toll on your body by overtaxing your adrenal glands. Coming to terms with anxiety and stress fatigue is a very individualized and complicated issue for most people. Learning how to deal with it may require a protocol of rest, supplements, regular exercise, and various alternative techniques. One such method is The Regain Your Freedom Technique.

This technique is easy to use and requires no special time consuming processes. You only use actions what you are already doing on a daily basis. The Regain Your Freedom Technique teaches you how to tap into and use these actions in a more productive and result generating way.

Writing in a journal, self-talk and thinking are used in the Anxiety Ended System. The Regain Your Freedom Technique is part of this system.

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