How to Triple Your Productivity in 28 days - Part I

The quickest and easiest way to boost your productivity is
to develop your concentration.
Developing your concentration directly affects your
self-discipline, perseverance, and the ability to
accomplish the goals you set.

Why is this so?

Because concentration is a form of self-discipline, just
over a shorter time span.
When you focus your attention over a short time span, it's
called concentration.
When you focus your attention over a longer time span
(ie. a month, a year, a lifetime),
it's called self-discipline, perseverance, and consistency.

In order words, Productivity!

Famous author, Theron Q Dumont, said this about

"It is the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make
the greatest success of anything
you must be able to concentrate our entire thought upon the
idea you are working on. The
person that is able to concentrate utilizes all
constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive
ones. The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he
lacked concentration"

The first 2 concentration builders I am giving you I learned
from the Olympic Training Center
in Colorado Springs. These are the same concentration
builders that many Olympic athletes
use every day in order to excel in their chosen sports. Use
them yourself and watch your
concentration, self-discipline and productivity soar.

* Concentration Builder Week 1

This first exercise is simple, but since most people have
horrible concentration, it's good to start
small. Each time you eat, simply count the number of the
number of times you chew your food
before you swallow.

Throughout the week, build up to chewing your food 32 times
before you swallow.
You'll probably find your mind wandering and losing count.
That's ok. Just start over from 1 with each new bite.

* Concentration Builder Week 2

Again, start off slow and build upon ths concentration
builder for week 2. You'll see your
concentration noticeably improving as you do. Start by
picking a number from 3 - 6.
Whenver you are walking anywhere, simply count your steps.
For instance, if you pick the
number 4, it goes like this step. 1...step. 2.....step
3.....step. 4 and start over at 1.
If you find your mind wandering, no need to beat yourself
Just gently go back to focusing on counting your steps.

Practice these concentration builders over the next 2 weeks
and watch your concentration gradually improve and your
productivity reach new heights.

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